Life is maid

I spent 4 harrowing days working my ass off, back at home. My maid was away on leave, and I was left with household chores – cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes etc. Though my better half helped me with cooking, still, it was a bit exhausting for me – considering kitchen is one of the places I detest, most! I had just one fervent prayer. Lord, bring the maid back to me quick! I am weary and on my knees.

Life without a maid is hell. When I get back home after a long day at work (after picking up my 6 year old daughter from my mom’s place), I see my li’l one jumping with excitement and putting out her arms for me to pick her up. So I spend some time coochy-cooing, then put her on a walker (she doesn’t like it much!) quickly catch up with family as to what happened during the day, do the ‘survival’ cooking – just bare basic stuff – rice, curds and one side dish, feed the baby, grab a bite myself, wash the plates, clean up and then drop dead – well almost, bcoz I’d sleep like a log if not for the in-between baby feeds.

That being my routine, almost every day, I’m really grateful my maid is back. I’m thanking the heavens. Now, I can at least put up my feet and relax for a while. Not think about what to cook. Not break my back doing chores I’m not really fond of. My life is made, er…maid!

- Espresso

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Cappuccino said...

Wish I could see you running about like mean, i can't imagine you like that..:D

KK said...

Made for each other , maid and you. Welcome back to normal life

Latte said... is so difficult to manage without maids..

A New Beginning said...

Great to know that your maids back:)but thumbs up to your multitasking:)

sujata said...

Here I am surviving with all of the above and a cleaner who comes just 3 days a week..India spoils usreally it does, and I miss it for so many reasons, one being the maid service!! My maid used to joke when she saw the relief on my face as she entered the house,she would say, you think of me before you think of God, I couldnt agree less, every morning when I woke up, I would think..hope she comes today!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading posts like this. I feel more appreciated even though I am not often told. I am a housemaid and whenever I am allowed a few days off in a row (not often) I know I will have to do extra when I get back. Where I work it is my job for all housework. Only the minimim work is done.

Anonymous said...

Thank god, your maid is back :) Yes it sky and I shot the image in Ganjam, Orissa.

Mustaf said...

Your life is made of Maids :-)

Espresso said...

Cappuccino... don't you'll get there some day!

KK...yeah, it's nice to get back to normal!

Latte...hire a maid, quick!

A New Beginning...thanks, i'm flattered! do visit again.

Sujata...yeah, thank god for maids, indeed! do visit again.

Kim...I stand up and salute you, with all due respect! do visit again.

Expose Maximum...thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. do visit again.

Mustaf...rather, we're dependent on maids. tks for leaving your comment. do visit again.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Expresso and girls,
Thank you for your comment "Kim...I stand up and salute you, with all due respect! do visit again."
I think you have a lovely person and your maid would be happy. Not all ladys treat their maids nice. Some terrrible stories I have read. I am lucky I work for family of 6, have my own room and get paid well. The family I work are good but very demanding of my time. They have very traditional ideas on how a maid should be. I refer to then as Ma'am and Sir, and all guests the same. They pay for my uniforms which is good but they get ones like maids wore in old English homes. The main reason for writting again is to enquire about the term "servant"., Is this a normal term to use for maids in India. The reason is, I was refered to as a servant by a recent house guest from (I think) India. She asked madam "how long has your servant been with you? I was a little shocked as I hadn't really heard that term used much before. Maybe she said servant because in my uniform is like old English maid when they had servants.

Thank you, Bye,

Espresso said...

Hi Kim, Sorry abt the delayed response. Was tied up a bit. Yes,"servant" is the common term for maids in India. No offense meant. Thanks again for stopping-by at overacuppa!!