A faithful friend no more

This is about Latte's faithful friend who died today. It had been coming. Two days ago the trouble deep down was surfacing time and again. But she was faithful. Whatever she had, she left for Latte. Even in the dying moments, a welcoming smile lingered. But by 6P.m IST, she was proclaimed dead. May Latte's computer rest in peace. Amen.

With teary eyes
Katten Kaapi

4 Crazy Profiles..Tadaaa...!

Hello there! I am the third mysterious whacky writer who had the honour of being part of this blog!! I have a feeling that this is going to be a superb blog and everyone will go nuts here! Nothing can stop our big mouths now; so world, get ready for non-stop nonsense!!

So Miss. hot chick in cold water, I am THE ONE to describe your unique qualities in lengthy prose and get kicked in the ‘you-know-where’?? But on the bright side, I get to write everything nice about me:-D (Just kidding)

Anyway, here are our resumes for the readers’ perusal... :-)

Espresso aka Rhino- Our one and only Espresso is the heart and soul of our respectable organization! A born perfectionist, she is intelligent, kind and considerate and is the leading light for us mortals (I am NOT trying to get a raise here people, I swear!) And the plus point is that she is totally whacky, just like the rest of us and is always ready to crack a joke, enjoy a good laugh, be it over a cuppa copy, I mean coffee, or otherwise! Epresso, you rock!!

Katten Kaapi aka Wild Horse- “Ideas anyone?? No?? Sheesh! Too bad! Which means it’s time to approach our inimitable Wild Horse!” That is our dear KK(Katten Kaapi). Her brain, it seems, has its own mysterious ways to come up with concepts and ideas in a matter of seconds! No kidding! And as for her imagination, it is boundless, limitless... (add any number of words from the thesaurus). Caring, supportive and impulsive- that is KK. And she loves to joke. You will be meeting her soon, so wait and see.

Cappuccino aka A hot chick in cold water- This girl likes to giggle, make everyone giggle, share funny dreams and stories and so on and so forth. At work she is more or less like a ‘copwriting machine’, who likes to finish jobs at incredible speed! During ‘Over a cuppa copy’ sessions, she comes up with all sorts of crazy stuff and starts new threads of topics for fresh senseless conversations. And to top it all, she is brainy too- she recently got second rank in her degree examination!! (We are all so proud of you!! Love you!)

Latte aka Wet Chick- Where should I start?? So much to write and so much to tell you:-)) Obviously I am cranky, which is my qualification for being a fellow writer here. And then, I like to make jokes and have lots and lots of fun. Honestly, this is very embarrassing, I will leave it at that..
Hmm..So...that’s that...See ya real soon!!
-Latte aka wet chick

Copy Chronicles

Now that Espresso has explained how 'cuppa copy' happened, it's time to let you know what keeps brewing among the worlds whackiest copy writers ever. Concocting biographies, acting like fools to maintain our sanity and pulling each others legs with jokes that wouldn't make even a 5 year old mildly grin (but sends us into fits of uncontrollable laughter), we do everything to keep ourselves amused in this mad, mad world! And being madder always helps.

I know I've made it sound like we are four crazy women in an asylum, but trust me, it only gets worse! :D
For now, I am leaving it at that and will let my friends take the story forward.
Expect to read the world's four most interesting profiles in the next post. I can'tguarantee if I would be writing it, but expect something crazier. As Espresso said, 'one whackier than the other...'


- Cappuchino aka A hot chick in cold water

How about a cuppa?

It all started over a cup of tea. Like all great ideas do!

4 Copywriters, one whackier than the other, drifting from one topic to another, with no cares in this world. And we decided to put it all down in one blog - Over a Cuppa Copy.

'Over a Cuppa' - bcoz that's where it all started; and 'Copy' (rather than Coffee) - bcoz we're talking 'in B&W' here, aren't we?!

Just wanted to get this blog started...More, next time...I promise!

- Espresso aka Rhino