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Scene: Office
Four copywriters working efficiently & professionally (ahem)
Espresso: Gals, I am going for ‘some meeting or the other’
Gals (turning their heads): OK! Great! Tataaa!
Exit Espresso

After sometime
KK:Gals, I am going for lunch
Gals (turning their heads again): OK! Tataaaa!
Exit KK

(Pretty quiet day for the gals, eh?)

After some more time…
TDing TDing Ting Ting TingtingtinGGG....

It is Cappuccino’s mobile
Cappuccino: Hello! Where are you? Ok, I will be there in a minute
Latte’s ears suddenly become alert.
Cappuccino: A friend of mine is waiting outside to see me. I will be back after sometime. Don’t miss me…
Latte: Alright, I won’t. Tataaaaa..
Exit Cappuccino

Latte is all alone, working energetically. It is all very quiet…Spooky, Eerie... A strong wind barges in, which reminds Latte of all the spooky stories she has read… An owl hoots in the distance and a bat... No,no, shouldn’t get carried away now...Where was I?? Ah, yes…

Latte feels lonely. Why had they all left her alone? Life is cruel, she thinks. Tears of self-pity did not well up in her eyes. Thank God for that…And then..

KK glides in

KK: Where is Cappuccino?
Latte, knowledgeably: Oh, she has gone to meet her friend. Will be back soon. Asked not to miss her and all that.
KK: Ok, cool.

Back to work.

After even more time
Cappuccino storms in with a shopping bag like a super fast express train.

Cappuccino: Am I in trouble? Did I take long?? Have I lost my job???
Latte: Yea, you are in trouble, girl. The Boss called three or four times asking where you were!
Cappuccino feels at ease on cleverly noting the subtle voice modulations in Latte’s speech. Latte does not ask about the contents of the mysterious shopping bag. Something was going on. She could tell.

Cappuccino: It was a friend from Bangalore. We went to shop to buy some stuff. And I had forgotten to take my purse and thank God she did not forget her purse as well...And we had a great time and...yea, that’s it.
Latte: You shopped real fast!
Cappuccino: Yea, we sure did!

In a matter of minutes

Espresso trots in and looks at all the faces to make sure that no trouble had brewed in her absence. Seeing nothing but robotic beings, she settles down.
Latte: So how was the meeting?
A blank expression.
Espresso: The meeting? Oh, yes, it went fine. Buttered them good!
Cappuccino slowly faces Espresso like a guilty child.
Cappuccino: Er..Ma’am, I went out to see my friend during your absence.
Espresso:Really? And you did not ask my permission! Once I am out of office you all slip out, eh? Not acceptable, not acceptable!

Another sheepish smile.
More work. More silence…

Soon Latte wakes up…that is to say…Latte notices hushed voices behind her and turns to see what was going on. The three gals are smiling at her and is handing over the mysterious shopping bag to her. Latte looks like an Untitled Document as partial understanding hits her like a thunderbolt.

Latte: But…Why? What? You…
Cappuccino: This is your farewell gift. Surely, you did not think we would let you go without a gift, did you?
Latte: But…
Cappuccino: The mysterious Bangalore friend was none other than Espresso. She came back to the office after the meeting, called me, and both of us went to get you this.
Espresso: We did not want it to look suspicious so we left KK behind…
KK: We planned the whole thing over the phone. I think we pulled the whole thing off quite nicely.

Latte: Nicely?? You deserve the Academy Award for the best actresses!!!!!
The gals glows in triumph.
Gals: What are you waiting for? Open it!!

The beautiful gift wrap had hidden Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, An Anchor Quick Stitch Kit and a really sweet card + a special gift from Cappuccino.

Latte: Thank you so much gals! I am going to miss you so much…
Gals: We are all going to miss you too….
An emotional moment…

[Latte after being relieved from her job as Copywriter set to work on the Quick Stitch Kit. As for the three gals, they went on with their work in their dear old office and can be seen in the premises even now….]

The End
Hell, no, I will be around. Can’t get rid of me that easily :-)