Another year

Just one more day and the curtains come down on 2009. A year that has changed much, at work, at home and for the world. Looking back it brings mixed emotions. Let's just take a test of how much we recall... Just simple stuff. Answer Yes or No.

1. Do you remember what you wore on 01.01.2009?

2. Do you remember how many times you called or mailed your parents this year?

3. Do you remember the great bargain sale you missed?

4. Do you remember how many times you said you are going to buy a new car?

5. Do you remember how many times you thought you might not have the job by end of year?

6. Do you remember how remember how lucky you are to live in a secure country?

If you answered more than 4 Yes, What are you doing here? Tell Guiness Records about your memory power.

If you answered in more 'Nos', stay put. It's just another year.


Cuppa Copy Lingo

Some new words, phrases, sounds and expressions by yours truly, that just might find an entry in the Oxford Dictionary some day:
  • Klipithiri: Referring to a small twist or problem
  • Tsuna / Tsunapi: Thing
  • Fool of a guy / Moron of a guy: When the person alluding to is an absolute fool or moron
  • Is he dumb or is he dumb?: When the person on the other end pretends to be a real dumbass
  • Shing: That easy
  • Tapping the head or chin, twirling the tresses: Thinking
  • Rolling the eye: Warning
  • Don't you dare: Warning again
  • Dusht Kumari: Cruel Girl
  • Vyaaj Kumar: A con guy, or someone who cannot be trusted
  • Santhosh Kumar: Happy Guy
  • Ksheen Kumar: Tired Guy
  • When to use the word 'Funny': When you want to refer to someone or something as different, ugly, awkward, bad or just plain 'funny'. Sometimes can be used as a word filler, when you run out of words, and still come clean.
  • Fooling around: Again a sort of filler, where you can say 'fooling around' for just about anything without really meaning 'fooling around'.
  • 'Ga' Shape: In malayalam the letter 'ga' resembles the letter 's' when horizontally tilted at 90 deg. It refers to the condition of a person when physically unwell (a combination, or otherwise, of headache, neck-ache, backache, leg-ache etc)
  • La-la-la-la-la: (in a sing-song) If something needs to be done with a flourish, like write poetically or la-la-la-la-la!
  • Dishkyaeow: The sound says it all!
  • Zokka: Fatso task /thing/person
  • No Raksha: No hope
  • Ithian Bothamless: A person who has no common sense ('Botham' in malayalam means sense)
  • 'Meim' (as in gori 'meim') - 'Maam' with a twist (and a dollop of butter for maska-fying) ;)

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Mannerism: A study

A very serious study has been conducted on mannerism. The results were..erm rather amusing.

Aim: To find out the types of mannerisms in the selected specimens and to notify general public of the existence of such rare species!
Specimen: Espresso, KK, Latte, Cappuccino
Time taken: Hmm
Request: Don’t kill poor Latte, gals!!

  • Her famous jingle: lala lala la...when she wants to say something she simply know... lalalala... eg: “You can go lala lala la on that content’ - Meaning you can take your time on writing the content. (Heard that there is a recent remix version of it..hmmm..)
  • When she is hungry she makes actions of nibbling....always reminds Latte of a rabbit
  • Rolling eyes, straight-lipped smile, the biting-finger-nails action, the running action (ha, classic), the ‘boss’y stare (oooh scary!)- and SO MANY indescribable actions! Phew!


  • Sometimes bursts out laughing making every head turn
  • Likes to do a dance by moving her hands to and fro, sometimes accompanied by appropriate jingles
  • Likes to singgggg!! (Refer another post for a detailed description)
  • Taps her chin with her fingers when in meditation or when she has just heard/ said something that requires thinking
  • Has the habit of saying “Yikes...Such a shame!!” whenever and wherever she thinks appropriate
  • Narrows her eyes and gives a smile when she is in absolute disbelief
  • Likes to add a ‘Tishyavu’ (Or something like that) for effect in a Bruce Lee movie..
  • Likes to say “I am feeling scared” especially when Latte starts cracking un-laughable (Is that a word??) jokes
  • Nods her head vigorously to let people know that she agrees with them completely and wholly
  • Likes to twirl her hair when at the heights of absent-mindedness
  • Sometimes tries to look at people with spectacles at the tip of her nose (Ah curse the specs!)
  • Yea, Ok, likes to be a cry baby!! eeeeeeeheeeee

Observations: Specimen exceeded all expectations. This is Nobel Prize material, people!