Another year

Just one more day and the curtains come down on 2009. A year that has changed much, at work, at home and for the world. Looking back it brings mixed emotions. Let's just take a test of how much we recall... Just simple stuff. Answer Yes or No.

1. Do you remember what you wore on 01.01.2009?

2. Do you remember how many times you called or mailed your parents this year?

3. Do you remember the great bargain sale you missed?

4. Do you remember how many times you said you are going to buy a new car?

5. Do you remember how many times you thought you might not have the job by end of year?

6. Do you remember how remember how lucky you are to live in a secure country?

If you answered more than 4 Yes, What are you doing here? Tell Guiness Records about your memory power.

If you answered in more 'Nos', stay put. It's just another year.


11 Had a Cuppa:

Cappuccino said...

I had 5 nos. I am staying put. Yes, it's just another year. Is this KK? Happy New Year to you! And of course, to all other cuppa mates and all the readers of this blog :)

Latte said...

Oh well, I am no Guiness Records material..Only if it were the Nobel Prize...teehee
Anyways Happy New Year to you KK, Cappuccino and Espresso! And to all our dear friends at blogosphere :-)

A New Beginning said...

All I remeber is, it's been a beautiful experience for me , to share the wonderful thoughts of the whole gang here:) You guys rock!!
All the very best to all of you, may God bless you with an amazing year ahead!!!!

Anonymous said...

Give me the directions to apply for Guiness Book.....I sadly have a very good memory...Its a curse I tell you..

Happy New year to all of you...Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead..

KK said...

Welcome to another year band:)

We'll try dear. Ab Nobel door nahin.

Hop on to the bandwagon of seeing year after year.

Here's the address
Guiness Records.
1, Down Memory Lane
Return of native Street,
Grey Matter,
Top Station-88

Hope I got it right

Chandrika Shubham said...

Interesting questions! My memory is poor in remembering such things. :)
Happy Blogging!

Prerna said...

lolss.. interesting..very interesting...well said..

KK said...

Chandrika Shubham
Welcome to the Another Year club:)

Welcome here.

Anonymous said...

"Aapko bhi mubabrak hoe"

Haddock said...

So how do we apply for an entry in the Guinness book?

JD said...

hmm.. it sure is just another year!!