An English Lesson: Copywriters exploring new possibilities

Scene: Office. Four copywriters busily working...

Latte reads a ‘mega special’ (meaning, absolutely horrendous) content (something like this) from a client, rolls her eyes, is dumbstruck and passes the said content to KK, Espresso and Cappuccino for inspection.

[After a few minutes]

Cappuccino: Yikes...Such a shame!!

KK gives that extra special smile reserved exclusively for such occasions

Espresso rolls her eyes, raises her eyebrows to full extent, tilts her head to one side and has a painful straight-lipped smile... (Don’t ask me to explain, I am not very good at explaining)
In short, pure shock reflects every copywriter face...

Espresso: Girls, Why don’t you learn to write like this?


Espresso: I guess everyone expects us to ‘upgrade’ our copywriting skills to this....level

Latte: Yea, It is like we should learn their language

Cappuccino: Best! [Heavy sarcasm]

KK still remains silent and brings together the fingertips in her right hand, holds it above her head and taps her scalp with it... indicating a deeply meditative mood

Latte looks from one person to another like watching a tennis match (Ok, with the exception that there are actually three people involved)

KK: So much ‘klipithiri’ (KK dictionary definition: major problem) there...How do people manage to write like that?

Espresso: I know! This is outrageous!

Latte nods vigorously

Latte: Oh my! Did you actually hear my neck crick?

Cappuccino: No surprise there! The way you were shaking your head!

Espresso: [Takes charge before the gals get distracted by Latte’s story of pains and aches] This calls for drastic measures! From now on we will try to learn their language!

Cappuccino: Like, if we have to write about India, we will say, “India is a country. There are people here. We are all very happy here.”

KK: No, not like that...”India are the countries. We are the peoples and we are in the exploding with happiness!!”

Cappuccino: Oh! I get it...”We is the country! India the beautifullest in the countries! People here is wonderfuls and beautifuls!!

Latte: Good God!!!!

Espresso: You is in the correct road gals..A brightest futures stopping for you!!

Cappuccino gives the classic look when she is in disbelief, with lips and eyes narrowed.

Latte: Oh God! Please help, God!

[Disclaimer: Yea, we are not the authority on the English language, but it is too darn difficult to put up with senseless writing! Sigh...Expecting some sincere sympathy here...Sigh]

13 Had a Cuppa:

Cappuccino said...

I am literally laughign my a** off here!! I don't seem to be able to stop!! You have brought out our office scene so well. I am still laughing. The time is 11.53 pm. I shouldn't wake up my parents, sis or the doggies.
I must stop. I will stop with a huge hug, a wet kiss (on the cheeks;)) and applause for this amazingly humourous piece of work!:)
I don't know what others think of it but I love it! :)

Keep them coming! :D
I am loving this. pa-ra-pa-pa-pa (Mac Donald's tune, for those who didn't get it! ;))

Anoop said...

really sympathetic...
khe khe khe... :P

haf fun

A New Beginning said...

lolo This was cool, ya its really difficult to register words when they go upside down, but its a process where one gets polished....not wear out but just get polished;)

kk said...

Another masterpiece,Latte. Keep it Up or rather.You is in the wonderful writing

Espresso said...

You bringing the laughters up. I remove the hats from the top of my head and salutes you. ha, ha!

angel in disguise.... said...

i the post likes! was the funny very . good the owrks;)

Anonymous said...

For me, copy-writing is quite a tough job. I simply can't handle this

Latte said...

Cappuccino dear, hope you did not wake up everyone!! So glad you liked it :-) Thank you so much!Parapapapa!!

Anoop thank you for the sympathy, we really need it you know...

New Beginning- Indeed it was a wonderful lesson..we have improved so much(that is, in digesting horribly written content):-D

KK:Oh! Thank u thank u! Shey I am feeling kinda embarrassed now

Espresso: OMG OMG!! I the salutes you for in the masterpieces comment!!!!

Angel in disguise: Thank u dear! Seems everyone is learning the 'in the' language really fast:-) You too have the scopes!

exposemaximum: tell us about it! Thanks for stopping by:-)

Shrinky said...

I be so dancing in song my writings reached your eyes so happily - please to send quickly my contract and cheque, I will be hardworking to pleasure your office with more of my scrib-, er, genius script forthwith.

Crazy Four said...

Ahem...Ready to get on the bandwagon?
u r the welcomes. We don't cheque. We only blabber. And some coins. :D
Are u the game? :D

P.S. Do not blame us if u forget your basic grammar after this! :D

Shrinky said...

Blabber and (much of?)coins fills up my soul with joyous anticipation. Worry little for provision of accommodation, my sleeping bed fits well under big desks. I am arriving with big dog, he is of no trouble, if please to keep away shoes from him. I wear photo of me to recognise for collection from boat at 12 noon. Please to be prompt?

Crazy Four said...

Glad to be of propmpt. Many thanks for the very informative letter. One dog under one roof enough. Our small dog afraid of big dog. We install tent for your big dog outside building. No need of sleeping bed. We all sleep on the floor in office. Some cushions around for soft effect. You wear your photo, we will bring our lil doggie. Please ask your dog to not go near our little one.
Waiting for your grand entry. :)

Shrinky said...

(Laughing hard!)