Management of Change

"Change is inevitable. Your strength and ability lies in adapting and assimilating as much as you can and delivering according to the changed needs", went on the management guru.

The company had arranged a management class for us. And this exceptional talk was I the post lunch session. Dozing off was not possible because it was a small room and there were only about ten of us from the creative division.

“ We are in the service industry and we can survive only if we meet the customer’s demands. Customer satisfaction is a must”, he droned on.

I was just thinking the type of writing that is expected of us sometimes and how we dread to stoop to that standards. But the next day at office, everyone was game to giving it a try- to change.

So we decided to make a change in our spoken English first and then carry it forward to our written English.

Espresso: let’s in the do.

Latte: yes yes

Cappucino: Change is in the us

Myself :My head is in the circle

Espresso: What?

Myself: My head is in the circle

Cappucino leans over to read something on my desktop and: She is in circle and Iam in the runs

Latte(giggling): Sheesh. You in the go there.

Espresso: Me going meeting moron

Myself: me the thirsty

Suze floats in. “Is that interface ready?”, she asks

We blink. We don’t understand.

She asks again.

She hasn’t changed. The management class has not affected her.

“Tell me when it is ready” and drifts off again

Cappuccino looks at the time, “ Oh no. I see butt of bus”

Myself offers, “ Iam the droppings”
And then corrects, “ Iam in the dropping”

What do you suggest? Is change good?

6 Had a Cuppa:

Cappuccino said...

It is in the scary.....:O
er..i mean it's terrifying...;)

Latte said...

lol! Change is apparently not manageable! We are not in the managings of changes!

Anonymous said...

Change is inevitable. that is the truth.:) Yes, he knows about those photographs :)

Anoop said...

totally agree i!
change is good and change is pathetic... u done well..

more english like this u write, we learn more this stylish english ;)
khe khe khe...

haf fun
cuppa copies' :D

Espresso said...

We should be changing for the better. We aren't and yet we're pleased with it. So much for change!

Alas, no? Tch...tch...!

A New Beginning said...

Minds Droppings, heads in circles, greats posts ..quite commendable...;)