Angel in disguise

Long, long ago...when I just started to walk, and maybe when I realized that my legs could actually take me wherever I life played out like a nightmare.

My dad was deputed on the auditing job, so we literally travelled country-wide back then - Dad, mom, sometimes my sis, and myself (My sis and I were just 1 year apart. As it was difficult to manage 2 little kids in unknown places on her own, mom left my sis back at her parents' place - in Calicut during this trip). It was some place in Andhra Pradesh, if I remember right. We didn't know the local language (Telugu). Dad & Mom managed with English and the spatter of Hindi they knew.

It was just a week in this new place. My mom rubbed oil over my whole body and left me for maybe about 5 minutes to get some hot water for the bath. Meanwhile, I ventured out of the bathroom. Reached the gate, opened the lock and wandered around the entrance (Not sure what exactly happened here, because this is a third person account that I am relating here).

Our milk-maid was walking down our lane to deliver milk at our house, when she saw this stranger carrying me and walking in the opposite direction. He didn't look related to us and she'd never seen him in the vicinity before. By instinct, she realized there was something wrong. She immediately approached him and enquired who he was, how he was related to me and where he was headed with me in his arms...He fumbled for words. She smelt it right away. She threatened to report him to the police unless he handed me over to her immediately. He couldn't get himself to say anything, since this was out of the blue. He expected to get away scotfree. He did eventually. But at least he was frightened enough to put me down and make his escape while he could.

Back at home, my mom was all anxious and wondering where I had vanished. Her eyes were welling with tears and flooding down her cheeks. She didn't know what to do. The Bank Manager came down and consoled her saying they'd do everything they could to help find me. And then, the milk-maid made a grand entry, with me in her arms. She narrated the whole incident. My mom thanked her profusely , thanked God and everybody around. It was a miracle indeed. My angel in disguise!

I still wonder what would have happened to me if the milk-maid hadn't come there that very moment . He would have probably whisked me away, pulled out an eye or two, given me a begging bowl and sent me out in the streets to beg. It's big business I hear. It happens, really! Hundreds of children are , this very moment. It's sad, but it's the truth. Wish we could do something to stop this horrendous crime!

- Espresso

9 Had a Cuppa:

A New Beginning said...

Yes that would have been dangerous.
I am glad you were saved, everything has God's will in it :)
No harm can happen if he's there by our side!
Great post Ex!Thanks and May the gang have a great week ahead!

kk said...

Bless the maid or we would have been orphaned

Destiny's child... said...

Lol...I mean, sorry for the sadistic laugh but I remembered the conversation we had the other day. Remember? Traffic signal? Tall woman? Saree? Baby? :D

Latte said...

I had a similar experience when I was in IInd standard..It was because of some good people that I finally got home that day..Thank God there are atleast a few angels around, and not just demons...

Anoop said...

he was tryin to kidnap u...?! hm..
milk-maid was not just-an-angel there... :)

haf fun

Espresso said...

A New Beginning, you're right. God has His own plans and aren't we glad that it's going good so far! Thanks for stopping by.

Mama mia KK! I feel like this mother hen now, cluck-cluck-ing with her li'l chicks!

Destiny's Child, I certainly remember that over-a-cuppa session when we spoke about this and had a hearty laugh. That would have been a sight indeed!

Yeah Latte, and we should be thanking our lucky stars, shouldn't we!

Thanx for stopping by Anoop. You're right. The milkmaid was my saviour then.

angel in disguise.... said...

oh...thank god the maid was truly an angel !
the title attracted me...coz my pseudoname is the same..i wonder how many consider me the same!;)

Cappuccino said...

@ Angel
I don't :p
But I love your pseudoname. Pseudonames are always contradictory! :D

Espresso said...

Dear angel in disguise, I didn't know this was your handle. Anyways, I'm glad you stopped by.

And Cappuccino, knock it off ok. Don't be so mean;)