Not homesick, never

This was part of our over-a-cuppa discussion this evening. As usual, we were talking about this and that, and I'm not sure how it all got started, but here is how it went...

Me: When I was in the NCC, I attended the RD (Republic Day) Camp at Delhi, which was a month long camp.

Others: Listening (maybe wondering...oh no! not again!!)

Me: Almost at the fag end of the camp I got this telegram from my father. My camp commandant & superiors were all worried and called me over immediately. They were anxiously waiting for me to tear it open and read the contents. There were just 3 words printed on it. DEAD OR ALIVE?

Others: What?

Me: I hadn't written or called my parents in the almost 1 month period that I had been in the camp. My camp superiors were furious. They got me to write a long letter to my folks back at home right in front of them, just in case I changed my mind when I got back to the bunker.

Others: One month and you didn't write or call them? No wonder your dad sent you that telegram.

Me: That's me. When I get out of home, I'm in my own world. And I presume everybody else thinks that I'll do fine and leave me alone. But that's not how this world works. Some day, I'll mend my ways. Maybe, when my kids grow up and do the same with me!

- Espresso

12 Had a Cuppa:

Anoop said...

They were anxiously waiting for me to tear it open and read the contents. There were just 3 words printed on it. DEAD OR ALIVE?
Wow! i liked this sentence sooo very much :D

Latte said...

Your parents must have been worried sick!! And your father sure knew how to get you to write, didn't he? lol!

A New Beginning said...

Parents always have a way with words...this talent works wonders for pull us bk in place!!
Cheers to them!

The Holy Lama said...

Can a telegram get any crisper? And did you send a similiar one?

Cappuccino said...

I must learn from your father, the art of writing crisp. :D
Just three words and what an impact! Whoa, I am his fan! ;)

Anonymous said...

It is all about your parents affection towards u :)

Espresso said...

Hi Anoop! Worked up the suspense, didn't I? Glad you liked it.

Latte, Sure they were worried. And my dad knew nothing else would work. eh, eh!

A New Beginning, Yeah...who else but our parents know us better. Thanks for your comments.

The Holy Lama, My dad's a pro when it comes to sending telegrams. He's not the kind who would write long letters. And didn't you read the part where I said that I was forced to write a response letter immediately?!

Cappuccino, My dad would have made a good copywriter, coming to think of it. Good with one liners. Couldn't have written long winding letters, not him. Telegram is his preferred medium of communication.

exposemaximum, Yeah...I agree. Thanks for stopping by.

Shrinky said...

Priceless! I see where you get your wit from (smile). I hope I have the presence of mind to remain as cool and patient with my own brood when they finally fly the nest without so much as a backwards glance. I think your father knew it was a huge compliment as to how you were raised that he had succeeded in turning out such an independent and capable soul into the world.

Espresso said...

Hi Shrinky, Thanks for stopping by and adding your generous comments. Done my dad proud, haven't I?!

sm said...

just love affection

anupama said...

Dear Holy Lama,
cool!congrats to your dad!and after reading my post A LETTER TO MY FRIEND,i don't think,you can resist from receiving such a letter.:)
the anxiety of our dear ones to know about our whereabouts should be experienced!and one letter which i didn't send on time became the sad memory for ever in my life, as my Achan didn't wait to read that letter.i will be guilty throughout my life!
A stich in time saves nine,a lesson learnt from experiences.
congrats to the proud son of the proud parents!
wishing a cool day ahead,

Espresso said...

Hi Anupama, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. But I guess you've got it all mixed up. It was Espresso and not The Holy Lama who posted this Blog. And it is the proud "daughter" here.