What in the name of God does a copywriter do?

It’s a question I have been asked umpteen times. And it’s a question I am not particularly fond of. No, I am not in the habit of snubbing people off but circumstances compel me to answer that particular question with my eyebrows furrowed, with a tone that comes somewhere between a snarl and an irritated shriek and a look that tells wise people to back off.

You may think I am a zombie gone paranoid. But listen to the precise way the question is framed for me. May be you will empathize.

Someone: What do you do?
Me (Creased brow, shaky voice, suspicious look): I am a copywriter

Someone (looks amused. Giggles, shows all of his/her teeth and asks as if he/she has just deciphered the Da Vinci Code), ‘Haha…You copy and write. Right?’

I am going to call him Ignorant Fool now.

Me (Takes a deep breath, smiles fake, takes a deep breath again): No. We write original copy.

Ignorant Fool: Ha Ha! Hi Hi! How can copy be original? (Another fit of laughter)

Me (Sound of my teeth cracking): I mean we write content. Content for websites, print ads, brochures or whatever.

Ignorant Fool (Slightly enlightened expression): Oh…ok…I get it now…

Me (Eyes light up): Yes…now you know! (May be I should just call him ignorant.)

Ignorant (The doubtful look is back on his face): So, it must be an easy job? Right?

Me (What-in-the-world look): Easy?! Depends on how creative you are! (May be I must stick to Ignorant Fool)

Ignorant Fool: Hahahahaahhahaahhahaa……….Oh my…haha…how can you..hahaha (He is laughing so much that he cant stop the drool drops he is spraying around)

Me (What’s-tickling-you-so-much-you-@#$%&* look): What?

Ignorant Fool: What is so…haha...creative…haha…about typing in content?


Most foolishly ignorant person on earth: Arrey! Don’t get so hyper. You should have told me earlier that you take down what is given to you and then type it on the keyboard.

Me: (Wonders if he thinks that content is self generated from the computer, before fainting and hitting the ground hard)

PS: The title is not actually about the question 'someones’, ignorants, ignorant fools or most foolishly ignorant persons on earth' have. It is the question we copywriters have: ‘What in the name of God does a copywriter do... when he/she is asked the most insulting questions about his/her profession?’


9 Had a Cuppa:

KK said...

You know where it pains most. But you do feel holier with these fools questions

Latte said...

Shoot that Most foolishly ignorant person on earth, Cappuccino!!!!!!! Shoot him at sight!!!!

RGB said...

Cappuccino, we're all on the same boat. The "jugheads" just don't get what a copywriter means or does. When I started off as a copywriter, I had the same problem. Later, I decided to just call myself writer (unless I think they're from the same industry or someone capable of understanding what copywriters are about). So, when someone asks "what do you do", I say "I'm a writer" and that just shuts them up, for good. Perhaps they think I'm someone like "Arundhati Roy" who writes "God of small things", but who cares what they think anyway!

Crazy Four said...

ROFL....No wonder, you are the holy lama. :D

Gimme the gun..the gun...please oh please! He is now asking me why I can't type the bills at a department store if I type so fast. AAAArgh...Latte...come to my rescue!

Crazy Four said...

Good one boss! May be I must say writer too!! Thanks! :)

Latte said...

Yessssss!! I am coming! Don't worry Cappuccino dear!!

A New Beginning said...

Let himlaugh, he doesnt know the number of fans you have who love what u write... an ignorant fooooool for sure ;)

Shrinky said...

I think it must take a great deal of talent and imagination to turn whatever product you are asked to describe into an appealing and necessary purchase! You are first a writer, secondly, one who also writes copy.

.. And if many more foolish, ignorant people continue to throw out their jibes, you will also be (quite understandably) thirdly, the most justified murderess to be granted a full pardon from death row! (Wink)

Cappuccino said...

Thanks so much

A New Beginning
Aww...thanks so much...hugs...:)

Seriously, we need you here. You haven't forgotten the offer we made you the other day, have you? (Winks back)
Shrinky, I love you! (Huge Smile)