Cappu finds her Ccino

Caution: Long post ahead...

This blog dates back to 2010 when Cappu (yours truly) was only 22. It was a time when my parents were busy groom-hunting for my sister and opinionated as I am, I had more to say on my sister's prospective grooms than the bride-to-be herself. I was quick to find fault in the boys and kept chanting "It's about your life. Think, think, think!" in her ears. And when finally my parents and sister zeroed in on the 'The One' for her, I was the last one to say 'I do...accept you as my BIL'.

My sister's first words to me after she got hitched were, "I can't wait to see the drama that unfolds when Acha and Amma start groom-hunting for you." The line was delivered with a smirk followed by an evil narrowing of the eyes. And then she turned and walked away in slow-motion like a nayi-naveli dulhan in an Ekta Kapoor soap.

I was more amused than alarmed back then. I mean, earthquakes and floods come, terrible things happen to people, yet we go on believing that these things won't happen to us. I guess I saw marriage that way. I knew it had to happen some day yet it seemed very distant. Something I never gave serious thought to... until that fateful night when my father created my matrimonial profile on some site.

My parents busied themselves with going through profiles and short-listing while I pulled my hair and flexed my facial muscles in all possible directions - downward. This was not fun. Funny, sometimes, but never fun. And the Pennukanals (I went through 5) were another silly affair.  I won't take you through the Pennukanal (boy meets girl ceremony) ceremonies as they were just plain...awkward.

The boy's people would ask me a couple of questions, and then the boy would smile at me, I would grin back, and then one of the elders would ask us to speak in "private". And this would be said when the boy would be sipping his tea or nibbling a biscuit and the poor fellow would be caught unaware and that would set the others giggling and so on. So yeah, let's not get into the shitty-gritty.

I met the man I am going to marry (the fifth and final one) through my uncle. He knew 'the boy' personally and thought this guy would be a good match for me. Meanwhile both families went and matched the horoscopes and the 'panikker' or astrologer gave his seal of approval.

Our first phone call, before we saw each other, lasted about 20 minutes. And with each phone call, the time only kept going up. If two strangers could talk to each other for so long without looking down at the watch there definitely was something to it. The phone calls went on for about 2 weeks after which the boy flew down from Muscat to meet me. Hence, the Pennukanal was only just a ritual, but even then, drama queen that I am, I kept wondering...should I , shouldn't I?

He was all smiles and confidence. When the elders let us alone to "get to know each other" (they had no clue that we had been hooked to the phone for the past two weeks) he started off like we had left off some conversation on the phone. He enthusiastically spoke about some interesting people on the flight he met but one look at my nervous face, and he started looking squeamish too.

"So..." I began after he abruptly stopped the flight story.

"So... what do you think now that you have "seen" me in person? You look tense, by the way. There is nothing to be tense. No one is going to force you into anything..."

"'s not that. I am just...a bit nervous. Would it be okay if I move to Muscat without finding a job?"

"As I told you earlier, it won't be a problem but things would be much more comfortable if you have a job too."

"Is there anything else you want to ask me?" he asked, clearly thinking that there wasn't anything I hadn't already asked over the phone.

Before I could say anything, elders from the boy's side walked in to show the 'time out' sign. They were laughing and joking and clearly having a lot of fun.

The elders exchanged smiles and see-you-soon's and the boy did not forget to play with Sidhu, my 3 year old nephew.

After they left, an intense discussion followed. My people, including the hard-to-please cousins, really liked him and they all wanted to know what I thought. I took a deep breath and said "Yes...". This time, without the confusion, but still not being able to believe that I was going to get married.

And so, on the same day the engagement date was fixed as the boy had to leave within a week. We met on a Sunday, everything was set on the same day, and on Friday we got engaged! It was as simple as that.

And in less than a couple of months, 'the boy' will be my 'husband'. I really have to get used to all this now. 'Hello, meet my husband..', 'Hi, I am his wife..' Very, very odd. And I still can't figure out how these things work out. I used to think it would be good to have a husband who reads. So that when we have nothing else to talk about, we can discuss books. And contrary to my expectations I am getting hitched to a guy who doesn't read at all but is enthusiastic about buying me a good book shelf and talks of setting up a mini-library. My  reflexes are like that of a toddler and he is totally into crafts, decor and the kind. I love my food spicy, he likes it more or less bland. I have a sweet tooth, he prefers staying away from the sweets. While our tastes vary on a lot of things,we have several common grounds too. :)

Well, all the drama could have been cut out if I had met him sooner. But things happen when they have to happen and not when you want them to happen. So yes, I am a bride-to-be! Found the one who completes me. Yay! That's what marriage is all about, right? Understanding, caring, sharing, loving, and complementing each other with a lot of other ing's. I am sure we'll do well. Okay, now's the time to reassure me. Best wishes, prayers, hugs - bring them on!

And if you are wondering why I ranted on about the origin of this blog in 2010, then here's the story. Espresso, Latte and KK have been people who have been with me through all these times. Right from 2010 when we met. They had a sensible and sometimes not-so-sensible suggestion for every subject under the sun. Not exaggerating. KK even has a clue about the mysteries around the Bermuda Triangle. And even through the pennukanal phase, they always had some words of wisdom to share. So here's to my awesomesauce friends. You girls, rock! :D

Shh....Don't talk about it

It was bright day. There was a kitty party at a friend's. That meant"No Coooking". Yippee. The theme for the day was white. So I fished out a white salwar kameez from the big dump in the wardrobe and started brushing my hair. The TV was on and was enjoying the live telecast of Asian Games. Suddenly it struck. A shooting pain in the know where. Again and again the spasms took the breath out of me. Though we all say the sentence each time someone is unpleasant, I knew for first time how bad it can get.

Tears rolled down without even crying. The pain was excruciating. I called my friends to let them know that I would not be able join them for the party. Immediately, they wanted to know the reason. Now how do you tell another person that you have a pain know where. I said" tummyache". They said they are coming over to enquire. I could not stop them. So I gathered my courage to spell it out. They came with medicine, one of them being a doc's wife. I have pain around the openings , I said. Openings...what openings, the engineer's wife wanted to know. Thankfully the other understood. She was a Gastro's daughter too.

The pain was unbearable now. So I called hubby and he came over. My friends were there. I lost shame in pain. I burst out "My *&# is paining". Poor guy. He turned the deepest red. I could not stand straight. They helped me to the lift. On ground floor, the caretaker wanted to know what the problem was. Before I blurted out anything, poor hubby said "backache". At the hospital, the first attendant was a male. Hubby had gone to park the car. So this time over he was lucky not to hear it. They gave me an injection, ran me through tests including a scan and found nothing significant. But the pain killer helped.

And I learnt the meaning of the oft used phrase.

Latte does it again!

Trring Trring Trring
Latte: Oh! What is that sound?
Little Appu looks up from his complicated arrangement of toy cars and says nothing.
Latte: Oh! It is my mobile ringing! Silly me!
Little Appu looks down and continues his complicated arrangement of toy cars.
Latte promptly looks under the sofa and retrieves her mobile.
Latte: (To no one in particular)There you are, you little devil! Hey, it is Cappuccino!
Hello there!
Cappuccino: Hi Latte, How are you? What are you up to these days?
Latte: I am fine, I am fine. The usual, you know. But what about you? How is your job?
Cappuccino: Job is real good. Everything okay dokey.
Latte: That is great! Have..What the hell are you doing?
Cappuccino: What? I did not do anything!
Latte: No, no! Not you. My kid. He is….Oh no, you don’t!
Cappuccino: Er..maybe I will call some other time.
Latte: Anything you wanted to tell me?... Don’t cry dear!  I am coming!
(Screaming in the background)
Cappuccino: Yes. About the cuppacopy meeting that we were planning. We will meet on August 3rd.
Latte: August 2nd right? Yes, yes.
(Non-stop screaming)
Cappuccino: And my number is going to change. Please save it ok? I will give u a missed call.
Latte: Of course. Of course. Why are you crying for God’s sake? I am..
Phone disconnected.

August 2nd morning
Latte: Oh goody!! Today we are all going to meet, after atleast an year!!
Hubby: Yes, Yes. Told me that before. 
Latte: We will start early. Or we will be late.
Hubby: Obviously.
Latte: 4 o’clock at ABCD Mall.
Hubby: Yep! Got it. Hurray.
Later by 4 o’ clock, Hubby, Latte and Little Appu on the way…
Hubby: By the way, you are sure of the date, right? Usually people tend to meet on Sundays. And today is Saturday FYI.
Latte: (With a look of smugness) I am sure, of course.
Hubby: Why don’t you just call up someone?
Latte: Nah! No need for that.. I clearly remember Cappuccino saying that it is on the August 2nd.

At the mall. 4.10 p.m.
Latte: Why isn’t anyone here?
Hubby: (Exasperated) Now will be a good time to call.
Latte : Er.. sure. Let me see. I will call Cappuccino.
Latte dials number. ‘The mobile you are calling is switched off. Please try again later.’
Hubby glaring.
Latte: (trying a winning smile) Let me try Espresso.
Trring Trring…
Espresso: Hello Latte!
Latte: Hi!! Where are you?
Espresso: At home. Why? Are you coming here?
Latte: No. The get together…er..?
Espresso: Oh God, Latte! The meet is tomorrow! Don’t tell me you are at the mall.
Latte: (In a small voice) I won’t.
Espresso: You are the limit, Latte. You should have called and confirmed!! How did this happen?
Latte: Oh, it’s okay. It is the mall, after all…Lots of things to do..And we were planning to come here…on consecutive days?!!
Espresso: So tomorrow you will come, right?
Latte: (With a furtive glance at Hubby) Yea, hopefully.
Espresso: Ok then. Bye
Next day, Latte met Espresso, Cappuccino, KK and Suze. Espresso scolded Latte for not using Whatsapp. If she were on Whatsapp such a thing would not have happened. And Cappuccino scolded her for not saving her new number, when she had told her specifically to do it.
Later on, Latte joins Whatsapp…
(To be continued…)

(P.S. The incidents described here may have been hugely exaggerated or distorted beyond recognition, purely for entertainment purposes. Poor little Appu could have been framed by someone's extraordinary absent-mindedness. For all you know, this incident may not have happened at all. :)

Dedicated to all absent-minded mothers! :) 


Thank you...

I never imagined the day was so near. Like, so damn near !
But it is (was) and now I am at home sleeping till 8.30, waking up to think that on a normal day my bus would have reached Tripunithura by now; at 9.30 I am having breakfast and I can't stop smiling thinking, how at this time none of you reached office and I was happily cyber scaffing! ; at 11.30 I am watching a discussion on tv and my mind wanders to the chai-time discussions we had; at 12.30 I am lunching and I know that you guys are not even hungry....every train of thought is somehow leading to that little space we so fondly called our own, where we laughed, giggled, argued over silly stuff and did everything but work. Ok, I am exaggerating. There were times when we worked. ;)

I won't say it's bad sitting at home doing nothing. I am kind of enjoying it. But it is also true that I am missing a lot of stuff. I guess I must get straight to the point of this post, which is very simple. I want to thank you guys for being there, for loving me, for giving me opportunities for personal and professional growth (that last line is right outta my rsg. letter, but I mean it), for being true friends. I would be sinning if I do not write something nice about each one of you here. So here it is, from the depths of my heart...

Expresso aka RGB: I have never met anyone who can actually look 'perfection' in the eye and say 'I personify you'. RGB is a perfectionist when it comes to her work. You would overlook it- a spot on the design with a darker tint, an almost invisible line running around a nmemonic, a slight change in the tone of the copy, a broken link, a spelling mistake...the list goes on. On a personal level, she's the most chilled out person you would have ever met. No pretences, unnecessary flourishes, ego, attitude or bossiness. A friend who lends you a willing ear no matter how silly the subject you are talking about, who has a hundred interesting tales to narrate (re-re-re-replay sometimes..hihi), who encourages, motivates and inspires. I pray to God that everyone gets a boss like her. But I guess the Lord is busy. Wonder if He would entertain such requests. I can already sense that there would be none like you in the future. You have spoilt me for sure! Love you!

KK aka Holy Lama: Truth, righteouness, knowledge, goodness, spirituality...these words resonate when I say the words Holy Lama. The fact that it has little or nothing to do with what you really are (fun, funny, naughty), is something I choose to shrug off. You definitely are my holy guru. Who do I turn to for advice in times of distress, who shows me the inside of her palm with the tip of the thumb and index finger touching each other, saying All izz well, who mesmerizes me with that halo around the head (a trick of the light of course), and who, finally who, smiles that wicked smile and mouth that funny hash-push accent, making all woes disappear into thin air? Who? Who? Who? Of course, YOU! What would our office have been, without a soul like you? KK is just the person to go to when your spirits are low, hopes hit rock bottom and when the world seems unjust and unfair. Speaking to her you will realize, just how trivial your own mental problem is. ;)
Well, take this. KK is the only person on the face of this earth who will laugh heartily at a jibe like this. Sporty, thy name is Lama. :) Your are kids are lucky to have a mom like you around. I have never said this to you but I feel obliged to share the details of my day with you. Somehow, narrating them to you makes me feel great. I love the way you talk, yes, I do. :) I love you. Miss our non-stop chattering :(

Latte aka Novice Writer: You made the process of settling in easy. No, that's an understatement. You made me realize that it was not important to know a person for a hundred years to be able to call them your best friend. The best thing about you is that you are sensitive, which makes you sensitive to other's feelings. You can never hurt a person. Intentionally or unintentionally. You are crazy enough to have dreams where vampire attacks turn you into a rabid dog, where ants where pants and where all the books that you have read and not read, form a frightening collage! In you I found another sister, a friend for life. :) I love you. You have a bright creative spark and please, please, please, don't let it die down. Fuel it, nurture it and I see you going places. Literally and otherwise. :) I have not even said half of what I feel about you but I must say this, you really mean a lot to me.

Well, so that's that. This is what I feel. Before I get too emotional and all that let me round off saying that I was destined to meet you people. That's why I also call myself Destiny's child. Because so far, my destiny has taken me to people and places I have loved. Wish me luck dear friends, I hope my destiny continues riding this good tide....


Untitled Document(Can't think of another title!)

Scene: Office
Four copywriters working efficiently & professionally (ahem)
Espresso: Gals, I am going for ‘some meeting or the other’
Gals (turning their heads): OK! Great! Tataaa!
Exit Espresso

After sometime
KK:Gals, I am going for lunch
Gals (turning their heads again): OK! Tataaaa!
Exit KK

(Pretty quiet day for the gals, eh?)

After some more time…
TDing TDing Ting Ting TingtingtinGGG....

It is Cappuccino’s mobile
Cappuccino: Hello! Where are you? Ok, I will be there in a minute
Latte’s ears suddenly become alert.
Cappuccino: A friend of mine is waiting outside to see me. I will be back after sometime. Don’t miss me…
Latte: Alright, I won’t. Tataaaaa..
Exit Cappuccino

Latte is all alone, working energetically. It is all very quiet…Spooky, Eerie... A strong wind barges in, which reminds Latte of all the spooky stories she has read… An owl hoots in the distance and a bat... No,no, shouldn’t get carried away now...Where was I?? Ah, yes…

Latte feels lonely. Why had they all left her alone? Life is cruel, she thinks. Tears of self-pity did not well up in her eyes. Thank God for that…And then..

KK glides in

KK: Where is Cappuccino?
Latte, knowledgeably: Oh, she has gone to meet her friend. Will be back soon. Asked not to miss her and all that.
KK: Ok, cool.

Back to work.

After even more time
Cappuccino storms in with a shopping bag like a super fast express train.

Cappuccino: Am I in trouble? Did I take long?? Have I lost my job???
Latte: Yea, you are in trouble, girl. The Boss called three or four times asking where you were!
Cappuccino feels at ease on cleverly noting the subtle voice modulations in Latte’s speech. Latte does not ask about the contents of the mysterious shopping bag. Something was going on. She could tell.

Cappuccino: It was a friend from Bangalore. We went to shop to buy some stuff. And I had forgotten to take my purse and thank God she did not forget her purse as well...And we had a great time and...yea, that’s it.
Latte: You shopped real fast!
Cappuccino: Yea, we sure did!

In a matter of minutes

Espresso trots in and looks at all the faces to make sure that no trouble had brewed in her absence. Seeing nothing but robotic beings, she settles down.
Latte: So how was the meeting?
A blank expression.
Espresso: The meeting? Oh, yes, it went fine. Buttered them good!
Cappuccino slowly faces Espresso like a guilty child.
Cappuccino: Er..Ma’am, I went out to see my friend during your absence.
Espresso:Really? And you did not ask my permission! Once I am out of office you all slip out, eh? Not acceptable, not acceptable!

Another sheepish smile.
More work. More silence…

Soon Latte wakes up…that is to say…Latte notices hushed voices behind her and turns to see what was going on. The three gals are smiling at her and is handing over the mysterious shopping bag to her. Latte looks like an Untitled Document as partial understanding hits her like a thunderbolt.

Latte: But…Why? What? You…
Cappuccino: This is your farewell gift. Surely, you did not think we would let you go without a gift, did you?
Latte: But…
Cappuccino: The mysterious Bangalore friend was none other than Espresso. She came back to the office after the meeting, called me, and both of us went to get you this.
Espresso: We did not want it to look suspicious so we left KK behind…
KK: We planned the whole thing over the phone. I think we pulled the whole thing off quite nicely.

Latte: Nicely?? You deserve the Academy Award for the best actresses!!!!!
The gals glows in triumph.
Gals: What are you waiting for? Open it!!

The beautiful gift wrap had hidden Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, An Anchor Quick Stitch Kit and a really sweet card + a special gift from Cappuccino.

Latte: Thank you so much gals! I am going to miss you so much…
Gals: We are all going to miss you too….
An emotional moment…

[Latte after being relieved from her job as Copywriter set to work on the Quick Stitch Kit. As for the three gals, they went on with their work in their dear old office and can be seen in the premises even now….]

The End
Hell, no, I will be around. Can’t get rid of me that easily :-)

Another year

Just one more day and the curtains come down on 2009. A year that has changed much, at work, at home and for the world. Looking back it brings mixed emotions. Let's just take a test of how much we recall... Just simple stuff. Answer Yes or No.

1. Do you remember what you wore on 01.01.2009?

2. Do you remember how many times you called or mailed your parents this year?

3. Do you remember the great bargain sale you missed?

4. Do you remember how many times you said you are going to buy a new car?

5. Do you remember how many times you thought you might not have the job by end of year?

6. Do you remember how remember how lucky you are to live in a secure country?

If you answered more than 4 Yes, What are you doing here? Tell Guiness Records about your memory power.

If you answered in more 'Nos', stay put. It's just another year.


Cuppa Copy Lingo

Some new words, phrases, sounds and expressions by yours truly, that just might find an entry in the Oxford Dictionary some day:
  • Klipithiri: Referring to a small twist or problem
  • Tsuna / Tsunapi: Thing
  • Fool of a guy / Moron of a guy: When the person alluding to is an absolute fool or moron
  • Is he dumb or is he dumb?: When the person on the other end pretends to be a real dumbass
  • Shing: That easy
  • Tapping the head or chin, twirling the tresses: Thinking
  • Rolling the eye: Warning
  • Don't you dare: Warning again
  • Dusht Kumari: Cruel Girl
  • Vyaaj Kumar: A con guy, or someone who cannot be trusted
  • Santhosh Kumar: Happy Guy
  • Ksheen Kumar: Tired Guy
  • When to use the word 'Funny': When you want to refer to someone or something as different, ugly, awkward, bad or just plain 'funny'. Sometimes can be used as a word filler, when you run out of words, and still come clean.
  • Fooling around: Again a sort of filler, where you can say 'fooling around' for just about anything without really meaning 'fooling around'.
  • 'Ga' Shape: In malayalam the letter 'ga' resembles the letter 's' when horizontally tilted at 90 deg. It refers to the condition of a person when physically unwell (a combination, or otherwise, of headache, neck-ache, backache, leg-ache etc)
  • La-la-la-la-la: (in a sing-song) If something needs to be done with a flourish, like write poetically or la-la-la-la-la!
  • Dishkyaeow: The sound says it all!
  • Zokka: Fatso task /thing/person
  • No Raksha: No hope
  • Ithian Bothamless: A person who has no common sense ('Botham' in malayalam means sense)
  • 'Meim' (as in gori 'meim') - 'Maam' with a twist (and a dollop of butter for maska-fying) ;)

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