Latte does it again!

Trring Trring Trring
Latte: Oh! What is that sound?
Little Appu looks up from his complicated arrangement of toy cars and says nothing.
Latte: Oh! It is my mobile ringing! Silly me!
Little Appu looks down and continues his complicated arrangement of toy cars.
Latte promptly looks under the sofa and retrieves her mobile.
Latte: (To no one in particular)There you are, you little devil! Hey, it is Cappuccino!
Hello there!
Cappuccino: Hi Latte, How are you? What are you up to these days?
Latte: I am fine, I am fine. The usual, you know. But what about you? How is your job?
Cappuccino: Job is real good. Everything okay dokey.
Latte: That is great! Have..What the hell are you doing?
Cappuccino: What? I did not do anything!
Latte: No, no! Not you. My kid. He is….Oh no, you don’t!
Cappuccino: Er..maybe I will call some other time.
Latte: Anything you wanted to tell me?... Don’t cry dear!  I am coming!
(Screaming in the background)
Cappuccino: Yes. About the cuppacopy meeting that we were planning. We will meet on August 3rd.
Latte: August 2nd right? Yes, yes.
(Non-stop screaming)
Cappuccino: And my number is going to change. Please save it ok? I will give u a missed call.
Latte: Of course. Of course. Why are you crying for God’s sake? I am..
Phone disconnected.

August 2nd morning
Latte: Oh goody!! Today we are all going to meet, after atleast an year!!
Hubby: Yes, Yes. Told me that before. 
Latte: We will start early. Or we will be late.
Hubby: Obviously.
Latte: 4 o’clock at ABCD Mall.
Hubby: Yep! Got it. Hurray.
Later by 4 o’ clock, Hubby, Latte and Little Appu on the way…
Hubby: By the way, you are sure of the date, right? Usually people tend to meet on Sundays. And today is Saturday FYI.
Latte: (With a look of smugness) I am sure, of course.
Hubby: Why don’t you just call up someone?
Latte: Nah! No need for that.. I clearly remember Cappuccino saying that it is on the August 2nd.

At the mall. 4.10 p.m.
Latte: Why isn’t anyone here?
Hubby: (Exasperated) Now will be a good time to call.
Latte : Er.. sure. Let me see. I will call Cappuccino.
Latte dials number. ‘The mobile you are calling is switched off. Please try again later.’
Hubby glaring.
Latte: (trying a winning smile) Let me try Espresso.
Trring Trring…
Espresso: Hello Latte!
Latte: Hi!! Where are you?
Espresso: At home. Why? Are you coming here?
Latte: No. The get together…er..?
Espresso: Oh God, Latte! The meet is tomorrow! Don’t tell me you are at the mall.
Latte: (In a small voice) I won’t.
Espresso: You are the limit, Latte. You should have called and confirmed!! How did this happen?
Latte: Oh, it’s okay. It is the mall, after all…Lots of things to do..And we were planning to come here…on consecutive days?!!
Espresso: So tomorrow you will come, right?
Latte: (With a furtive glance at Hubby) Yea, hopefully.
Espresso: Ok then. Bye
Next day, Latte met Espresso, Cappuccino, KK and Suze. Espresso scolded Latte for not using Whatsapp. If she were on Whatsapp such a thing would not have happened. And Cappuccino scolded her for not saving her new number, when she had told her specifically to do it.
Later on, Latte joins Whatsapp…
(To be continued…)

(P.S. The incidents described here may have been hugely exaggerated or distorted beyond recognition, purely for entertainment purposes. Poor little Appu could have been framed by someone's extraordinary absent-mindedness. For all you know, this incident may not have happened at all. :)

Dedicated to all absent-minded mothers! :) 


7 Had a Cuppa:

An said...

Tht was fun..made my monday morning brighter..:)..

RGB said...

Great, you reopened the account! And yeah...brought a fair share of smiles :) After all that coaxing and convincing, now you seem to be the one totally into Whatsapp!

Latte said...

An, rgb very happy to know that it made u smile. Yep, reopened the account. Not with a bang perhaps.but it is a start atleast. Now it is all up to you all.;)

Destiny's child... said...

Hey are really the limit! :D
I had fun reading it and I am so glad our little space has come alive. Interesting isn't it, that it was you who created this space and that you have revived it again. :)

Latte said...

Thank u darlin ! I am the resurrector hahaha!! My jokes have that effect u know

The Holy Lama said...

That was fun read. Appo among cars,screaming...any mom will lose track. It is very normal.

Latte said...

So glad you understand, Holy Lama! :))