Thank you...

I never imagined the day was so near. Like, so damn near !
But it is (was) and now I am at home sleeping till 8.30, waking up to think that on a normal day my bus would have reached Tripunithura by now; at 9.30 I am having breakfast and I can't stop smiling thinking, how at this time none of you reached office and I was happily cyber scaffing! ; at 11.30 I am watching a discussion on tv and my mind wanders to the chai-time discussions we had; at 12.30 I am lunching and I know that you guys are not even hungry....every train of thought is somehow leading to that little space we so fondly called our own, where we laughed, giggled, argued over silly stuff and did everything but work. Ok, I am exaggerating. There were times when we worked. ;)

I won't say it's bad sitting at home doing nothing. I am kind of enjoying it. But it is also true that I am missing a lot of stuff. I guess I must get straight to the point of this post, which is very simple. I want to thank you guys for being there, for loving me, for giving me opportunities for personal and professional growth (that last line is right outta my rsg. letter, but I mean it), for being true friends. I would be sinning if I do not write something nice about each one of you here. So here it is, from the depths of my heart...

Expresso aka RGB: I have never met anyone who can actually look 'perfection' in the eye and say 'I personify you'. RGB is a perfectionist when it comes to her work. You would overlook it- a spot on the design with a darker tint, an almost invisible line running around a nmemonic, a slight change in the tone of the copy, a broken link, a spelling mistake...the list goes on. On a personal level, she's the most chilled out person you would have ever met. No pretences, unnecessary flourishes, ego, attitude or bossiness. A friend who lends you a willing ear no matter how silly the subject you are talking about, who has a hundred interesting tales to narrate (re-re-re-replay sometimes..hihi), who encourages, motivates and inspires. I pray to God that everyone gets a boss like her. But I guess the Lord is busy. Wonder if He would entertain such requests. I can already sense that there would be none like you in the future. You have spoilt me for sure! Love you!

KK aka Holy Lama: Truth, righteouness, knowledge, goodness, spirituality...these words resonate when I say the words Holy Lama. The fact that it has little or nothing to do with what you really are (fun, funny, naughty), is something I choose to shrug off. You definitely are my holy guru. Who do I turn to for advice in times of distress, who shows me the inside of her palm with the tip of the thumb and index finger touching each other, saying All izz well, who mesmerizes me with that halo around the head (a trick of the light of course), and who, finally who, smiles that wicked smile and mouth that funny hash-push accent, making all woes disappear into thin air? Who? Who? Who? Of course, YOU! What would our office have been, without a soul like you? KK is just the person to go to when your spirits are low, hopes hit rock bottom and when the world seems unjust and unfair. Speaking to her you will realize, just how trivial your own mental problem is. ;)
Well, take this. KK is the only person on the face of this earth who will laugh heartily at a jibe like this. Sporty, thy name is Lama. :) Your are kids are lucky to have a mom like you around. I have never said this to you but I feel obliged to share the details of my day with you. Somehow, narrating them to you makes me feel great. I love the way you talk, yes, I do. :) I love you. Miss our non-stop chattering :(

Latte aka Novice Writer: You made the process of settling in easy. No, that's an understatement. You made me realize that it was not important to know a person for a hundred years to be able to call them your best friend. The best thing about you is that you are sensitive, which makes you sensitive to other's feelings. You can never hurt a person. Intentionally or unintentionally. You are crazy enough to have dreams where vampire attacks turn you into a rabid dog, where ants where pants and where all the books that you have read and not read, form a frightening collage! In you I found another sister, a friend for life. :) I love you. You have a bright creative spark and please, please, please, don't let it die down. Fuel it, nurture it and I see you going places. Literally and otherwise. :) I have not even said half of what I feel about you but I must say this, you really mean a lot to me.

Well, so that's that. This is what I feel. Before I get too emotional and all that let me round off saying that I was destined to meet you people. That's why I also call myself Destiny's child. Because so far, my destiny has taken me to people and places I have loved. Wish me luck dear friends, I hope my destiny continues riding this good tide....


8 Had a Cuppa:

A New Beginning said...

All the very best to you Veena, guess youve left the job, Im sure you'll land up in a great place again.As for kk, and RGB, dont know them personally but as bloggers they are truely great...keep waiting for the posts that each one of you write!!
You guys do a great job in the blog world and Im sure whereever you guys may be, you'd do very well in life.
Blessings and Best Wishes,

The Holy Lama said...

Do you know what we were saying the day you went to HR to collect your papers..."There's goes one of the best girls we had. Where will we get another like her? One who easily took to our world..." We too miss you, dear. Wish you well for your further studies. And with Latte and you gone, it isn't the same here.:(

RGB said...

Booh, hooh, hooh! The tears I pulled back, the emotions I tried hard to control...not anymore. A very touching post indeed! Don't know if I really deserve all that 'praise', but well, all of us need some ego boost ;)

Let me tell you one are one helluva girl, a great colleague (fast learner) and wonderful friend (willing to hear the re-re-replay of my life stories!). Where am I going to find a suitable replacement?

You got it in you to make it big in life. So here's wishing you the very best. And let's always stay in touch.

Cappuccino said...

Yup, I left the job in search of greener pastures..well..not exactly, to pursue further studies...thanks a lot for your wishes. You are the only follower here who has been keeping track of us. Hugs :)

Aww...that's nice and sweet! I miss you..and btw...i recovered my lost SIM card, so the number hasn't changed! :)

Of course you deserve all that...umm...not's the truth! You are always under-estimating yourself! And ...your comments have got me really emotional..thanks a lot :)

Novice Writer said...

awwwwwww!! that was such an emotional post:(( love you too dear, and i will surely miss you...
on a happier note, you are cordially invited to join our "Job Resign Cheythavarude Gang" :-) Hoping to meet you soon..

Anil P said...

Lovely tribute.

The road that leads out will lead in, by another road.

sm said...

like the narration
very touchy
destiny child

JD said...

bumped into your blog.. nice..