The power of cuppa sessions...

Cuppa sessions are really something, I tell you! The things that we discuss remain in my head for quite sometime. As in, say, till bed time? I guess even beyond.

Like the other day, we were discussing about pets and dear lil’ Latte spoke about some chicks she had at home who jumped off the edge. Literally and otherwise. Otherwise, because they must have been crazy to do so and literally because they really jumped off the terrace into a pit outside Latte’s residence. And after all the drama got over all that Latte saw was a few feathers rising up from the pit… just like we see in cartoons…dust getting kicked up in clouds when Tom cat falls off a steep ravine…

I was so inspired about these stories about hens that that night I dreamt about it. Ultimate Drama queen that I am, how couldn’t I add some spice to it? I dreamt that Espresso, the head of our team lives in a palatial house. It is fully done in marble; there are white satin curtains and exquisite furniture. Antiquities such as marble cherubs are placed around tables.

Soon I discover that she runs an academy there. And I am her new student. I have no clue what the academy is about. But I find out soon. I see espresso catching hens and putting them into cages. So I was in a hen academy!!!

Espresso asks rather commands me to do the same. I tell her that I cant do it. Immediately she walks up to the calendar hung on the wall, picks up a green highlighter and puts a tick across that days date. “What?” I ask her looking baffled.

“I will do this every time you don’t catch a hen. Last month Latte also had a few ticks across her chart.” She tells me serenely.

I stare at her for a moment, blink and then…I guess I woke up.

And when I narrated this dream to my cuppa mates, all of them went into fits of uncontrollable laughter. All but one. Our dear Katten, who felt left out because I hadn’t included her in my dream. Too scared to disappoint her, I vowed that she would be present in my next dream/nightmare whatever…

And my wild thoughts are kind to me. I had a dream with all four us, that very night. I, Latte and Katten are going in a lift. Espresso is the lift operator. The three of us look like zombies. Espresso is quite cool doing her job. But I don’t think she is doing it right. The lift stops at all the wrong places. Anyway, we soon make it to the right floor. All four of us enter a room. There, I see my sister mopping the floor; her limbs moving mechanically, and a blank expression on her face. And this time, all four of us look like zombies…

And boy! Didn’t this make Katten glad? She was jumping up in joy for being included in this bizarre dream.

And guess what, my dreams seem to entertain my teammates so much, that right now, they deliberately talk of weird things hoping to trigger my imagination so that I have amusing dreams. And more often than not, they don’t have to try very hard. The crazy and the whacky come quite naturally to all of us. Yeah, seriously!



3 Had a Cuppa:

Crazy Four said...

OMG!! Those dreams were soooo hilarious!
You can't imagine how much we laughed over them!! Keep
dreaming dear, and give us our regular dose of entertainment!

Destiny's child... said...

sure will...;)

Crazy Four said...

cluck! cluck!!