Why oh why????

Espresso: “Say, why are you not posting anything in 'Over a Cuppa' ???”

Latte: “Er..Hmm..I can’t think of any good topics...”

Espresso: “What??? A person who goes blah blah blah non-stop can’t think of a topic??? Shame on you, Latte...Shame on you!!!”

Sigh.....These inspiring words sparked that thing called inspiration and here I am blogging about er..hmm..well nothing in particular :-D
Wait a minute! Here is something you might like.. Something that has happened a number of times over a cuppa...

Espresso: "[Sigh]..This tea tastes horrible..”

KK: {Tastes the tea and makes strange sounds}

Latte: {Sips and grimaces} "Yea, Why is it so sweet?? Why??"

Espresso: "Also no snacks today.. Atleast that could have made it easier to drink this thing...Why aren't there any snacks??"

Latte: {Gulps down tea and puts down the cup looking joyful (having finished the job) and miserable at the same time}

Cappuccino: {Looks at the three girls in turn} "Why do you drink it then?? Why??" {She does not drink tea, BTW}

Espresso: "Because it is a habit... And we get the chance to reflect on how bad tea could taste and count our blessings when we get to drink good tea..

KK: Yes, that is so true...

Latte: [Sigh]

Cappuccino: {Shakes her head disapprovingly and sips her glass of water}

To be continued.... (Too many 'sighs' and 'why's in this post?? That is life people....that is life...)


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