Those were the days...

"Those were the days my friend
I wish they'd never end..."

Hmmm... our hot discussions almost always begin with the most innocent comments from any of the crazy 4 members. And unwind into the good, bad, ugly, hilarious, (and what not!) subjects - Reminiscence of our yesteryears, as we recount them with all the excitement left over, after tea that rather tastes like sweet milk flavoured with tea!

Back then, in nineteen hundred and something....I begin. And I hear giggle...there she goes again, they say! Hey, I'm keeping you amused guys. Isn't that something? Trying to be insane, to keep my sanity.

What I started out to be, and what's become of me. I've always had this urge to do something different. But what I've been doing for dog years now, is pretty much routine. Work-home and nothing else in between!

Anyways, I'm not complaining. Bcoz, I do have an easy life. A family that understands me and lets me be who I am, a job that's not too hard, team-mates who are as crazy as I am, blah-blah!

But, I'd like to believe that I'm made of better stuff. I could have been there, done that. Things that I did not want, I ended up doing or being. For eg. I never wanted to settle down in Kerala, but here I am. I never wanted to marry a typical mallu boy 'born-and-brought-up-in-Kerala' (afraid that he would turn out to be another male chauvinist), but ended up marrying one (luckily he isn't the chauvinistic kind). I never wanted to get into an IT Company (I prefer working in an ad agency), but I've been working in one for almost 5 years now (though what I'm doing is still the creative side of it)....And the list of 'I never wanted to..., but ended up doing!' is aplenty.

Still, I'm not complaining. B'coz life could have been harsher. I'm just glad it isn't. And I'm thanking my lucky stars and the good Lord above that I've got a great family, a decent job, a fine home and plenty of friends, when so many of them don't have any!

OK. now somebody tell me how the f*** am I gonna wrap up this blog. One thing leads to another. And I just can't stop, as always. Help!

Yours truly,

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Destiny's child... said...

This is, mm...if not completely but a slightly 'wtf' situation. You say u r not complaining but u r ! aren't u?
Whatever it is, we cant seem to do without you, you endless ranting, your interesting(n sometimes not so interesting..hehe) anecdotes abt ur life...So, bottom line is....keep yakking! :D