Copy Chronicles

Now that Espresso has explained how 'cuppa copy' happened, it's time to let you know what keeps brewing among the worlds whackiest copy writers ever. Concocting biographies, acting like fools to maintain our sanity and pulling each others legs with jokes that wouldn't make even a 5 year old mildly grin (but sends us into fits of uncontrollable laughter), we do everything to keep ourselves amused in this mad, mad world! And being madder always helps.

I know I've made it sound like we are four crazy women in an asylum, but trust me, it only gets worse! :D
For now, I am leaving it at that and will let my friends take the story forward.
Expect to read the world's four most interesting profiles in the next post. I can'tguarantee if I would be writing it, but expect something crazier. As Espresso said, 'one whackier than the other...'


- Cappuchino aka A hot chick in cold water

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