The Devil's Workshop

I'm starting up a workshop. Coz I've got nothing better to do. Yeah...I'm going by that good old idiom...An idle mind is a devil's workshop.

Well, what's my workshop going to be about. Hmmm...A workshop on how to idle away time. How about that? Bad, eh? Lemme think again. Ok, got it. Something constructive for a change. Let this workshop be a platform to exchange interesting information, snippets, something new you or I have learnt, so on and so forth. Want to join up my workshop? You're welcome.

My sessions begin...

Lesson No.1:

No English words rhyme fully with orange, silver, or month (however, there are some pararhymes for these words, such as salver for silver and lozenge for orange).

Lesson No.2:

The longest words that can be typed on a standard QWERTY keyboard using only the left hand are twelve letters long. There are six such words: aftereffects, desegregated, desegregates, reverberated, reverberates, and stewardesses.

Lesson No.3:

"Dreamt" is the only English word ending in "mt".

- Espresso

Ladies n gentlemen, here I am, lil miss cappuccino! ;)

Lesson No.4:

Malayalam is the only language which is also a palindrome!

Lesson No. 5

"Marry" in Shakesperean English meant "By Mary"


Lesson No. 6

Oh this is just..well...[the most functional word in the English language]

Read it:


4 Had a Cuppa:

Destiny's child... said...

Hey there!
I am jumping on to the bandwagon too!!! ;)

Crazy Four said...

yes yes, me joining, me joining!!:-D

Crazy Four said...

Great! What if I said there's a fee involved? Kidding again! You guys are welcome. Will be posting stuff as and when I am appropriately inspired...So keep checking.
- Espresso

workhard said...


thats a cool post.. must have really thought abt all this ...

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