The party illusion

The day dawned with hopes of a afternoon party. Cappucino was throwing one after a long wait. She had topped the exams, you recall. The expectation started to climb after the lunch hour. The clock hands moved wearily on. Time seemed to be still and everyone engrossed in work. As lunch was planned with space for high tea, attention on work was becoming difficult. Eyes could not focus. The head wheeled. Still, the hope and grit that the party is soon to be held me together. By five, patience packed its bags and left for a world tour. An outburst, why don't you guys just enjoy a party when one is offered shook the zombies off the chairs. Glassy eyed workaholics looked at me vacantly. Slowly they started to get up ...Now the Indian Monsoon had different plans. Downpour. And here a down por of woes. None can walk to the neighbourhood cafe in the rains. Can't understand them. Well, the illusion continues till time. I'm still hoping for a high tea. Silent prayers to the rain gods to hold for a bit are on the lips.

-Katten Kaapi

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destiny's child... said...

Wait my child...wait...
Patience my child...patience....:)