Remember the time

Who can ever forget the “timeless” hit number of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop! I grew up listening to his songs. My friends & I have even performed MJ’s popular hits at school & college. It is so unfortunate that he died all so suddenly. Just as mysteriously as he lived his life!

It’s surprising he could keep his personal life under wraps. You know, him being a global pop icon and all! The magic he worked on screen and on stage - his moon walk, his high-voltage and high-energy performances…it’s no surprise that he emerged an icon within a short span. And to imagine, he’s not around anymore!

But he’s left behind a legacy in music. I stand up and salute him, for that. Let’s trash the tittle-tattle (true or untrue, nobody knows for sure!) that did the rounds during his lifetime and even after his death (they won’t even let him R.I.P), and celebrate or rather continue to enjoy his music.

Thriller, Bad, Beat-it, Dangerous, Black or White…. Heal the World.

This column is dedicated to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. I’ve been wanting to write this ever since he died, but never been able to, until now. Better late than never. And a time never to forget!

Yours truly,

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