Roll it over

And now let's have a lollipop,Espresso said handing out nice little lollipops. The lunch over, this was unexpected dessert. But it wasn't easy. Twist, turn, tug. Do what we can, the wrapper wouldn't budge. And the effort was taking its toll. the lollipop inside was melting. Our efforts did not go unnoticed. Amused glances from our colleagues did not put us off the job at hand.

Hurrah! Off comes Cappucino's wrapper ( I mean, her lollipop's). Others join band. Everyone tries to beat the other in putting it in first.

Then it was expressions galore. Navarasas appeared on each face one by one. Disbelief, astonishment, the urge to spit, I'm fooled, How can You, were the varying kinds of moods. It was tangy, very unlike a lollilop in looks and taste.

Latte chickened out from the expressions we displayed. She did not eat it. But everyone had a good laugh looking at others as they painfully rolled the lollipop over.
Thankfully, Sue had brought in some real goodies. We gave our poor tongues a better fare and settled down.

Hats Off to Espresso lil girl who likes these lollipos.

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Crazy Four said...

Come on KK, it was not all that bad...just a lil gooey n a lil too sour n a bit too tangy and a lil was kinda ok, if you think about it...
Nevertheless, hats off to miss junior espresso for having a whole box of those lollies!