The malady of redundancy

I hate doing nothing!
On some other day I might have said exactly the opposite. Opposite not in the sense that I love doing nothing, but in the sense that I hate doing everything. Now, don’t look at me as if both sentences mean the same thing. There is a slight difference there. In fact, quite an obvious one, i.e. when you look at it intently. When you say, love doing everything it means that you are….oh..ok…I got a little carried away, sorry, I won’t go on, on that. Happy?

Well…it’s been a long week, the last one. Longer still, because there isn’t anything interesting to do. And that’s the reason why I am blogging away (a month ago, I was slogging away! Come to think of it!!!). And I don’t know if the recession is to blame. Ah…let’s leave the poor thing out of this. I am sure everyone’s sick of hearing that word now.

But I am so thankful to this little, teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy, cozy-cuddly space of ours where we let down our hair, put up our feet and sit back in peace and type our way to relief. Er…the letting down the hair and putting up the feet part are used as the phrases they are meant to be. I mean, come on. We are in the office. How can we put up our feet?!

And when I am done with the blogging, I go back to work. Hit the key board and get bored(these days i.e. the story is absolutely different on hectic days). And that is when my eyes stray around. Not that there is a great scenery around but then, something is better than nothing.

I look right and there sits KK and typing intently. I crane my neck and look at her monitor. I stifle a yawn. She is lurking around our blog. Yeah, this one. I look left and I see Latte staring dazedly at the screen. I crane my neck again. Oh, she is checking the number of visits we’ve had on google analytics. Wasn’t she doing that a couple of hours ago too? Ah…whatever. I turn around and look at Espresso. Now she is doing some serious work. And then she yawns and gives me one of her animated smiles.

And she navigates her chair to a spot close to the three of us and we laugh over some stupid content we have been asked to edit. Like, ‘Resort XYZ is located on the absolute beachfront.’ Or, ‘the people of Kerala are gourmets. They not only taste different but are different in the method they are prepared.’ (Er, who? The people?! All of us gulp). Another masterpiece, ‘here you get many gastronomic opportunities…’ (haha! This is fun, yeah, really!)

After the giggling session that turns into a guffawing session, I go back to my seat. In fact, I am back at my seat now. I am looking at the graphic guys. One of them is scratching his head and staring at the screen(I must mention he has drawn something incredible, which I can’t make head or tail of), another one just belched loudly and he, on the far end, did he just try to pick his nose? I don’t know. Whatever, if he did, then my gaze stopped him right on time.

People, by now you know that I am having some idle hours. I wish to go on but suddenly, I remember one translation stuff I have been procrastinating. Lemme get back to it.
Will get back to you real soon. It’s a promise!


6 Had a Cuppa:

Crazy Four said...

Ah!The most serious job of the day . Let's have tea.


Novice Writer said...

Wonderfuls and the beautifuls!! (To anybody reading this comment: Nowadays we talk like that, we are trying to learn OUR CLIENTS' language you see)
Great post dear! (Ahem..I did not check google analytics THAT many times..Heehee:-D)


Crazy Four said...

Oh yes, it is! ;)

You didn't? Really? These days I don't believe anyone that easily. You see, I have plenty time to ponder over issues....;)

A New Beginning said...

Ahmmmm... can I be a part of the conversation....Great going gals I must say, love your posts..cute, crisp, humorous...and cheerful;) Keep up!!!!

Cappuccino said...

Thanks for your lovely comment:)
You can join us on a real tall story and contribute your ideas...
Yes, you can make it as crazyyyy as possible!!! :)

DontPatroniseMe said...

Great blog. take a look at my few blogs, i'd like to know your opinion :) Rachel