On carrots

It's swine flu everywhere. As is often the case, suddenly everyone is overtly health conscious. Organic foods, back to Nature etc etc are making their usual rounds. The latest was what was overheard on bus, "Carrots, my dear...never buy those fat ones. They are all dipped in disinfectants. Go for the slim tender ones prefereably from the retail chains like Reliance."
The thought of carrots somehow took me to the incentive I was expecting for some time. I felt like an ass after the proverbial dangling carrot. Recession is now a reason for them to hold it back.
Lost in thoughts for a while, I woke up to overhear the rest of carrot conversation.
"And carrot halwas should be in pure ghee. When you roast the cashews, be sure that they don't get too brown."
Brown the colour of earth. It is said to be the colour most preferred by fools. I was wearing a brown apparel. The dangling carrot was there again. I was ten minutes late for office. The carrot was still in front of me.


6 Had a Cuppa:

Destiny's child... said...

Good one KK...It is so so true..I mean, I couldn't agree more...;)

Novice Writer said...

Oh! I won't be buying the fat carrots now! :-(( Thanks for the info.. KK!
(Psst...Great post:-))

Crazy Four said...

Danka gals. Lend a shoulder to weep on.


Espresso said...

No turning back now. You're almost there. Don't you ever give up. Faster, faster (phew!), stumble, rise, run, faster...the carrot got me this far (which is not very far) and this carrot will take me farther away!!!

workhard said...

HAHA...Good post....

Today i did some veg shopping and lucky me... i got all slender carrots...

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A New Beginning said...

Hey KK thats a nice one:) quite innovative I must say !!! Keep up!
One healthy dose of carrot;)