Please don’t bother…

Come holidays and the usual annual round of family visits start. You walk into relatives’ homes unannounced and they come to yours. And following the rule, we went to one distant aunt’s place. There were only the two of them there- an old uncle and the aunt.

As we had barged in with no prior notice, the aunt said, “I have some nice home grown bananas and maybe your son will like it”.

I glanced at the two year old beside me and said, “Don’t bother. He doesn’t like bananas”.

“Let’s see”, said she and soon she came out with a platter of sliced bananas with a fork et al.

“I know him well. We buy bananas and it goes rotten but he won’t touch one”, I say.

The aunt takes my son on her knee and offers him a slice with the fork.

He gulps it down without hesitation. I blink

2,3,4, 5, …Soon the plate is empty and he is smiling.

“You just have to present it well” , said the aunt with a grin.

I tried it many times later with no success.

Kids, they really know how to make you look a fool.

11 Had a Cuppa:

Cappuccino said...

Lol..this happens all the time. At home, I never used to touch or even lend a second glance to laddoos or biscuits which are kept in the snacks box. But used to pounce upon the same things when someone at college or school brought them. Now you see me doing the same in the office...;)

Latte said...

That must have annoyed you so much!! Paavam KK!!

Espresso said...

Fooled you, didn't he?! Best is, in such circumstances, don't speak up for your children...Let them do what they please!

Mustaf said...

Oh man...your son must be a smart dude!!!Use bachke rehna..aur kaha kaha pe ijjat ka aluda hone wala hain..u dont know :P

Rush said...

hahahahah...laughs for 2 min!!!
this must have been real fun!!

A New Beginning said...

Hey Rajni! We all did that to our mothers didnt we...neighbours aunty's dal always seemed tastier than exactly the same one made by mom...but its later that we realise that mom's cooking is the best:)So right now theres time for realisation I guess:) Enjoyed the post thoroughly:)
Hey cappuccino, tell me something I always end up addressing u as Pavi, but today Rush told me that youre veena...Im confused:) Youve been really sweet for not correcting me till date, but do let me kw if Im right or wrong:)But whatever said and done the four of u are damn cute:) Keep up guys!!!

sujata said...

I agree completely!! This has happened so many times with me that now on I just tell the host ask the kid not me..

A New Beginning said...

Hey I posted a comment yesterday, where did it dissapear..anyways that a very cute post..weve all done that to our parents havent we KK :)

KK said...

Thanks all for your nice comments. Yes. we all did it as children

You have changed a bit from school days. The difference is that you bring and we pounce.

May you be blessed soon with similiar experiences.

Had I been so wise.

Bilkul thik. Kai baar ijjat ka faluda ho chuka hai. Ummeed karti hoon, Hamaari Mehmannawaji aapko phir yahan layegi

Hey that's an extra pat for me.- to hold Rush for two minutes. Thanks. Keep coming

We may have grown up but we still like the next door aunty's dal, or sabji but feel hurt when our kid does the same. And double thanks for double comments.

Yeah. I can do with some wise advice. We all are on the same boat

angel in disguise.... said...

hahha...that was really funny!enjoyed reading it...i wud hav loved to see ur face at that wud hav looked fab!;)

KK said...

Angel in disguise,
I wish i had a pic taken to share with you. Thanks for coming by and commenting.