A Cuppa Onam

It’s Onam! The festival is right here, right now!!!
Ok…I am overdoing the excitement but then it truly is something to rejoice about. The other day at office we celebrated Onam. And boy! Wasn’t it fun?

All the people in our office came in the traditional Kerala attire – girls in the Kerala Saree and guys in Shirt and Mundu. Of course, there were spoil sports who gallantly walked in, in casuals giving excuses such as ‘I don’t have a matching blouse for my saree’, or ‘I woke up late’ and the worst one, ‘It’s so damn difficult’! Aaargh! If we could, why couldn’t they? Anyway, the loss was all theirs. While we gathered compliments from all directions on how lovely we looked, we could see the kill joys regretting not donning the saree. Haha! That put us at ease (evil laugh)

The sumptuous Onasadya was followed by entertainment programmes that included dumbsharade. But before that we had an ‘introduce yourself’ session for the new employees. Since Latte and I fall into that category, we were to ahem…introduce ourselves (as if no one knows us already ;) )! And it was Expresso’s and Suze’s wicked idea to convert into a mini-ragging session.

We had to pick lots and do whatever stuff was written on that fateful piece of paper. Latte and I luckily escaped with simple stuff such as saying A-Z the reverse order (which I didn’t complete! ‘Grins shamelessly’) and saying Happy Onam in some absurd order, which Latte did. Some people got ‘sing a song’, ‘dance’ etc etc, after watching which Espresso wished she hadn’t come up with the ragging idea in the first place. Ok, I am being mean here. It really was fun.

We also discovered some great talents, such as our new receptionist who looks this meek and sweet girl, but she set the stage on fire with her absolutely delightful mimicry skills. She mimicked male actors and politicians, in a way that would have put even male artists to shame. It was fab. And that is an understatement.

So all in all, it was a day filled with fun and enjoyment. Did I forget to mention the Pookalam (floral carpet)? I think I did. Well, it was all colours, wonderful designs and fragrance. That must give you an idea of how beautiful it was…

So that’s Onam at Over a Cuppa Copy. We have a couple of day’s holiday and will be back with our Onam @ home experiences soon. Till then, it is one big ‘Happy Onam’ wish from all of us to you.

On behalf of Latte, Espresso and KK,


Have a wonderful Onam folks! :)

6 Had a Cuppa:

Rush said...

awesome celebration...so u girls were the new hotties in office? any guy walked up ;)

Happy onam to u and come back sharing lots of experiences :)

A New Beginning said...

Happy Onam :)

Latte said...

Happy Onam! Happy Onam!! We really had a great time, didn't we?Kidilam post dear:-)

R. Ramesh said...

Happy Onam..good blog congrats..

Crazy Four said...

New hotties? What are you talking abt rush. We were, are and will be the hotties at work! ;)
Thanks for stopping by...happy onam! :)

New Beginning
Thank you...Same to you...:)

Sweety, thanks:)

R Ramesh
Happy Onam to you too..Thanks for visitign our blog...:)

Espresso said...

Thanx to our "wicked" idea...we got to discover some new talents, din't we?!