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After the Onam celebrations in our office...

KK: Wow! It feels like Onam is finally here!

Latte: Yea, that is true

Espresso: Yea, so why so sad??

Latte: Because I am in a holiday mood now and tomorrow is a working day!!

Cappuccino: Lazy girl!

Latte grins
KK: So what all plans for Onam, gals? I will be going to my native place

Three gals: Me too…

Cappuccino: Did the Onam shopping? Onakkodi (New clothes that are given as presents for family members) and everything?

KK:Yes, we finished that part..The shops were all so crowded!!! It seemed everyone in the city had become shopaholics!

Espresso: I know! Going to the city is more or less a nightmare now

Latte: For some peace and quiet, we should visit places outside the towns and cities… So tranquil and peaceful…And there Onam celebrations are so different…with Pookkalam (Floral carpet), Thiruvathirakali (a dance form), Pulikkali (another dance form in which people dress up like tigers) and Onasadya (Onam feast with rice, many varieties of curries, payasam (sweet desserts)) … yummy…Here we don’t have time for anything... Too busy running about…

: Onasadya is one of the best parts of an Onam celebration

KK: And the Pookkalam!

Cappuccino: Yes, of course... The floral carpet we had at our office was simply gorgeous!

: Gosh I remember setting up a pookkalam with flowers from the garden in my grandparents’ house…

KK: Surely we can’t do that now... Nobody has gardens now and the only option is buying flowers…

Espresso: Say, does anybody actually bother putting a pookkalam in their houses nowadays??

: Well..No…Hmm... The competitions and pookkalams at offices and other public places are all that is left…

Cappuccino: And of Onam, the programmes in Asianet channel and the announcements like ‘Thiruvonadina special programmes, sponsored by….” over and over again

KK:Oh well, we can’t do anything about all that! All we can do is enjoy to the maximum, spend some quality time with our families and celebrate the spirit of Onam..

Espresso: And show Mahabali (It is said that Onam is celebrated every year when the great king Mahabali visits Kerala) that we are all very good even now:-)

Cappuccino: O…K..that remains to be seen...

Everyone smiles

7 Had a Cuppa:

Anonymous said...

Happy Onam ! Cheers :)

Latte said...

Thank you!! Keep visiting

Anya said...

Thanks for your visit :)
Have a relaxing sunday .....
hugs Kareltje =^.^=
greetings Anya :)

Cappuccino said...

Hmm...Onam is gone...but the spirit is still much I know...But the banana chips and sharkara varattis are really helping us keep the spirit alive..right? ;)

KK said...

Today morning I looked in the mirror and there it was- a perfect halo. So Cappucino Iam already a good girl :) And Latte, you show us your pookalam and say that you don't. Don't lie or you will get the halo late

Espresso said...

An educative "Onam special" blog... For all those who don't know what "simbil and humbil" means! eh, eh!!!

Latte said...

Anya: Thanks for stopping by!!:-)Hope you would visit again!
Cappuccino: Yea..we owe banana chips and sharkara varattis so much!!!
KK: Well..I din really understand ur comment..What did i lie about?
Espresso:Thank u Espresso! I hope a few more people now knows about our 'simbil' and 'humbil' Onam:-)