Humour strikes a chord with joblessness and absolute boredom

We’re trying hard to laugh. Well, most of the time. We think if we’re not funny, or if we don’t understand if someone else is funny, we’re not part of the “team”.

We strike animated conversations (exaggerated expressions and hand gestures) assuming that we’re visible only to the equally mad teammates and invisible to the rest of the office.

We fish for comments (read compliments), both offline and online. Offline, by trumpeting our day’s achievements…errr…tasks (which goes like – “my maid’s away and I had to get up early to prepare breakfast and lunch for my daughter” – and I pray they don’t ask “what did you make” – but they do – and I had to cough up the truth with a sheepish grin – “cheese sandwich for breakfast, cheese & shredded chicken sandwich for lunch” – and shredded chicken was the leftover-reheated version of my maid’s chicken dish, btw!). Online, by literally taking out a begging bowl and loafing from one blog to another, leaving traces of our footprints, so that they trace it back to ours and leave a nice comment, whether they like it or not.

Coming back to the topic of humour and how it connects with joblessness and boredom…The recession did it, I tell you. We were neck deep in work until then. We took the fourth person on board, because we couldn’t handle the endless jobs that came in with deadlines like “yesterday”. And then, recession came in. After which, new work hardly came in.

The joblessness is driving us up the wall. We’re sinking deep into boredom. Most often, we go searching for matchsticks to keep our eyes open, especially after lunch time. Now we’re waiting for the teeny-weeny morsels (any job – even if it’s just editing content) to be thrown our way, like wet-behind-the-ears puppies, eager to lap up anything that comes our way.

We throw in the humour just to keep our spirits up. We laugh at pretty much anything, even if remotely funny. I make funny faces & funny sounds (they join in) and narrate incidents at home – which primarily revolve around my 2 children (presuming that “they” are enjoying every minute of it). The 2 big time dreamers of the team narrate weird dreams and nightmares with each or any of us playing the weirdest part in it and I naively ask “how do you remember your dream so distinctly, when try as much as I do, fail to bring even 1 dream successfully to the table?”. She sings, nay croons, nay raps …jeez, I give up…she thinks she sings and expects a standing ovation. We keep the spirit up. We play our part. We give her a standing ovation. We laugh. We disperse. But we’re back after the short break. To continue our long, jobless, boring day with our self-amusing jokes, dreams, stories, songs…and other such nonsense.


A note to the boss: We’re not really jobless. Please do not throw us out of our jobs. We’re actually researching websites to improve our writing skills (like hell!).

To the girls: I was just trying to be funny!

To others: I’ve hyped up the ‘joblessness’ and ‘boredom’ bit - a bit, to make it sound a bit exciting. We’re not really that jobless, maybe just a bit.

12 Had a Cuppa:

kk said...

What should we do? Earlier, we wanted more time to do justice to a job and now we are scared if we be questioned whether we did full justice to one

sm said...

yes its to be or not to be
good one and i like your other blogs entery about real india and problems of villages.

Anonymous said...

:) :) :) :)

Enjoy it while you can!!!

A New Beginning said...

What ever way it may be but the four of you make my day for sure :)
Theres a different taste to being with a job but still being jobless ;)...a gifted experience that is enjoyed by a joyfully contagious cuppa four :)
Keep up!!!!

Cappuccino said...

Yes. I won't deny our state of joblessness. But it is not chronic. Or not going to be.
Btw, Espresso has blown the joblessness out of proportion.
Say yes girls, say yes KK, say yes Latte! :D

Latte said...

heeheee! Well..erm..ya cappuccino..maybe it has been a teensy weensy bit blown out of proportion! :-D
You know, I am a bit scared thinking of this state of joblessness...I have a feeling that something big is coming..Like a Tsunami wave..Yikes!!! :-o

Espresso said...

KK, It's like a catch-22 situation. Can't help it. Just go with the flow, to tide over the moment.

sm, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. Glad you like our posts. The previous post is by KK - The Holy Lama.

Jyothi, Thanks for the advice. Will try to enjoy this phase of joblessness, while it lasts. Bcoz, most often, when it rains, it pours.

A New Beginning, Glad to be the ones to make your day. And we're equally happy to have you as our guest, or rather patron, encouraging each of our posts with your valuable comments.

Cappuccino & Latte, Hope this is just a passing phase and look forward to the day when we'll all be busy again. But will sure miss our nonsensical-funny-jobless days!

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