KK's singing mania

KK: Aee mere...humsafar..........(singing)

Cappuccino looks up from her computer

Cappuccino: Did you say something?

KK: No, I was singing..Didn’t you hear?

Cappuccino: Er..No..not really

KK: Aee mere...humsafar..........Ek zaaaaraaaaaaaaaa
Cappuccino smiles weakly. Latte manoeuvres towards the duo.

Latte: What is happening here? Why are you talking like that KK? And that too in Hindi?

KK: [With a look of disbelief on her face] What?? I AM SINGING!

Latte: [Looking alarmed] Really??

KK: Of course!!!! Listen.. [Resumes singing]
Latte and Cappuccino exchange troubled glances. Espresso approaches.

Espresso: Girls, come on, we can have tea

Cappuccino and Latte: YES! [Scramble to their feet and walk fast towards the cafeteria with KK right behind]
Everyone with their cup of tea. Tranquillity. Everyone entranced by the silence.

KK: Aee mere...humsafar..........Ek zaaaaraaaaaaaaaa...

Latte and Cappuccino: OH NOOOO!!!

Espresso: What the hell!!!!

KK: [Ignores everyone’s looks and continues singing and taps the glass with the ring on her finger, in tune with the song]

Espresso: What happened to you?

KK: [Stops suddenly and looks Espresso up and down] Why? Can’t I sing??

Espresso: No, if it is like this, you can’t!

Cappuccino: If you stop singing, we will buy you anything you like!

KK: [Slightly interested]Really? Like what?

Latte: Hmm..peanuts??

KK: Peanuts??? Couldn't you have offered me something better??

Latte gives her classic sheepish grin.

KK:[Who had a generous mind] Ok, then I will stop singing..And I won’t be cracking any jokes either. Let us see how you survive when I am quiet.. And get me the peanuts...[Mumbling] Hmph can’t even give me a good deal..

Cappuccino:[With a look of relief] Ok, cool!
[KK keeps her promise. After some quiet minutes, everyone gets this feeling that something is not quite right.]

Espresso: Ok KK, stop it! You sing or talk or do whatever you like...

KK: AHA! GREAT! I knew it! This is the deal I am talking about

Cappuccino: [To Latte] I will put on my ear plugs

Latte: And I will assume that somebody is talking to herself

KK: Aee mere...humsafar..........Ek zaaaaraaaaaaaaaa...
[Espresso shakes her head and gulps down the tea]


17 Had a Cuppa:

Cappuccino said...

I still haven't used the ear plugs though I said I would. I guess I am getting used to the caco...er...symphony (well!) :D

Espresso said...

Can't imagine KK with her lips sealed! So we bear her "singing" sessions with a silent nod and let her amuse us. Good post latte!

kk said...

Sangeetham ee jeevitham,
Oru madhura sangeetham ee jeevitham

Bahut shukriya, badi meharbani
ki mujhe gaane ki ijazat hai di

angel in disguise.... said...

funny read...so music class is on too eh? wow! i wish i was der to give you better entertainment.:P
pinne daridra rekhaku thazhe ath enikku istapettu...lol;)

BORAN said...

that was a nice song though..

Shrinky said...

Ah, I see KK performs a very valuable service around these parts, she makes you all give thanks on the rare occasions she stops to draw breath, yes?

A New Beginning said...

ha ha! let her sing guys, it cant be that bad..or is it ;) what say kk!!lol

Anonymous said...

By the way, who is KK, Latte, Cappuccino and Espresso ?

Novice Writer said...
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Latte said...

We really are getting used to KK's singing, aren't we, Cappuccino and Espresso? :-)

Yes KK, go on singing :-) Er..We won't be stopping you again..Sangeethamee jeevitham...Ok! I won't sing! :-D

Angel in disguise, there sure is a music class going on..You should have been here! Erm..about the entertainment part..do u sing decently or should we start running when you start singing??? :-))

Indeed it is a nice song. Love it:-)

lol! Shrinky you said it! Well..We can't do without her singing and chattering either:-)

A New Beginning..No, it isn't that bad! I am exaggerating..just a little bit:-)

Hi exposemaximum! Latte here. We are copywriters and we are all..erm..a bit crazy:-) If you want to know more check out the links to our profiles on the right hand sidebar:-)

mathew said...

LOL!! reminds of my friends who used to be chronic singers like her...yeah..but we used to beat up the guy when he wouldnt listen to our requests to stop!!;-D

SWUBIRD said...

Very funny stuff.

Happy trails.

Anonymous said...

Hey what a coincidence.....I too sing that very same song when I have nothing else to do. Ahem Ahem..
I mean when I sit quietly and ponder for a while on something..I suddenly wake up singing this very song....I never realized it till now....Looks like Kattan Kappi and I have somethings in common... :)

Novice Writer said...

Swubird, Thank you:-) Keep visiting for more

Really Jyothi?? Cool..Katten Kappi is really happy that someone shares her passion!!

Novice Writer said...

@ Mathew- lol!! Was he that bad at singing??

PURN!MA said...

I'm wondering how can that song NOT be sung? (ws KK that bad???)

Latte said...

oh well.. you should have been here, purnima..sigh..