Compare Notes

“Hello, we’re planning a get together. Come along. We can relive the good old times”, boomed Mr. Achuthan from the other end.

“Why not? Who else is coming”, asked Dad.

“Oh! The Menons, the Arvindakshans, the Nalinakshans, The Sudhakarans and the Surendrans.”

“And Hemachandran?”

“No. His mother in law is not doing fine.”

“Let me call him up”

Before I go further, this presumed get together was for some retired fellows most of them free with kids married and settled in far off places within India or in some foreign country.

“Hello, Hemachandran? Ah! Why are you not coming over for the get together? You ask your brother in law to manage for a day, no?”

“Eeek! Should one bother?”

“Bother about what?”

“What can we do? A pack of oldies who can’t drink or smoke or eat their fill? Compare notes on how much sugar one has or pressure? Or talk about the pains and aches? Iam not coming!”

Dad broke out laughing. A call to Hemachandran always makes you laugh.

16 Had a Cuppa:

Cappuccino said...

Lol...I bet Hemachandran uncle is the one who eats, drinks and smokes the most at such meetings! Correct me if I am wrong! ;)

Novice Writer said...

haha! Funny... and kinda sad..Hmm What all worries when one gets old!

Imagine, when we are old and plan a similar get together, what will we be doing? START smoking & drinking?? Hmm about all the craziness, I am 99% sure that we will be the same as we are now:-)

Anonymous said...

quite an enjoyable post though I dunt know who Hemachandran uncle is :)

KK said...

Full marks. Used to be once upon a time. Poor guy.:(

Novice Writer
Absolutely. 100% lock kiya jaye.:)

Well, he is just one of a kind. A perfect guy who talks this way, invents little mechanical instruments and always adding his own masal to an anecdote. One of the most loved uncles.

Nazish Rahman said...

lol...a pack of oldies!! Well written :)!!

SWUBIRD said...

At my age, I know exactly what they're talking about. LOL.

Happy trails.

RGB said...

Most get togethers esp. in Kerala are considered to be fun only if there's clinking of the glass, gossip, loud laughter that's louder than the loud music playing in the background, with all the drunk buddies (who they call glass-mates) trying to remember their good old times!....all this amidst a haze of smoke. And to think of a get together without any of it, just asking each other about their health status, sure wouldn't be any fun at all! I'm totally with Hemachandran uncle on this!

KK said...

Nazish Rahman
It's just his way of getting out a laugh. he still goes around the town in trendy Tees and jeans and is a happy go lucky fellow.

Each passing the average of passing such notes is coming down. Soon we all can go for these get together where they still have fun with games, food and wine( albeit a little less)

True. We have earned the name of being one of the top three states for the booze. But this post is not about the pain of the loss( of not being to get on highs) but about taking on life's lows with the same humour

A New Beginning said...

Ha ha indeed company matters!

KK said...

A New Beginning
Yeah. Topics of discussion change with age. Soon we'll be there too:)

Shrinky said...

Hahaha! What a delightful post. But maybe I should be crying instead of laughing at this - when my sisters and I got together the other day, our conversation would have made your Uncle Hemachandran proud! The conversation kept slipping over to topics much in keeping with what he suggested (eeek)!

kk said...

Just another phase.But we can enjoy even that too. :)

Shrinky said...

Has the reunion taken place yet?

kk said...

Oh! Yes, it did and without Hemachandran. But Dad and others enjoyed it with games like housie and passing the parcel. One of the women had her leg plastered after a slip in the bathroom and it seems someone commented that it is better to have small bathrooms where you can't really fall down. Aches, pains, diabetes, cholesterol etc were all discussed in between...

Shrinky said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh, I am sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but that comment about smaller bathrooms is nothing short of priceless! (Walking away shaking my head..)

KK said...

Happy to bring the smiles on:)