Bang on!

Around 130 employees sat at their desks looking straight into the monitor. The only sound heard was the tik-tik-tik as fingers ran over the keyboards and the click-click-click of the index fingers on the mouse. The usually noisy Creative Department was unusually quiet as KK, Latte and Cappuccino sat thinking-typing-thinking-typing at their seats. Espresso was on leave and so her seat lay empty, the computer switched off.

BANG BANG BANG BANG! THUD THUD THUD THUD! The ‘computerish’ silence was suddenly broken.

Around 100 employees got up from their seats and looked towards the canteen from where the noise seemed to be coming. Yes, we have around 30 employees who seldom look beyond their computer screens, codes or programs. For them, no distraction is a distraction. God bless them! It takes all types….Ok…I am going into unnecessary details.

A few guys ran to the spot where the noise was coming from. We all stood there, watching the drama unfold. Latte looked alarmed. Cappuccino looked anxious. KK wanted to go with the investigating team but Latte and Cappu held her back.

After a few moments, we saw one of the big bosses (lets call him x) striding out of the canteen area with a frazzled look. His hair was slightly disheveled (mm…we couldn’t tell actually, he has close-cropped hair, you see) and his shirt was not completely tucked in. Out came another guy (the one who sets our computers right whenever there is a virus attack or something of the sort) with an equally fatigued look. Now, his hair was really ruffled and his face looked like he had received a blow. X strode off into the biggest boss’s room and the computer mechanic went out off the office. The investigating team was seen coming out with an exhausted look too.

'Fight scene! Fight scene!’ KK squeaked.

'What fight scene?’ asked Latte and Cappuccino

‘The mechanic and X had a fight! Isn’t that obvious? You didn’t see them coming out?’ KK said. She went on, ‘See X has gone in to complain to the boss and the mechanic he went out, right?’

Latte and Cappuccino nodded wildly.

'Now, I know where he has gone.’ ‘I know, I know.’ KK repeated so that Latte and Cappuccino would ask her ‘Where oh where?’ It worked.

‘Where oh where?’ chorused Latte and Cappu.

‘He has gone to write his resignation letter. Just wait and watch.’ KK chanted.

We saw the mechanic guy coming in and yes, he had a neatly folded sheet in his hand!!!!

‘See, see, what did I say?’ KK said triumphantly

Latte and Cappu swallowed hard. A fight (mm…physical) had never broken out in the office. It was surreal. Almost Hindi movie-like.

One of the guys of the investigating team sits next to Latte. He reached his desk. Keeping her eyes glued on to X and the mechanic who walked towards each other, in slow-motion, Latte asked the investigating team member, ‘What was it about?’

X and mechanic were now just a few feet away.

'Oh that..’ he said…

‘Oh what?’ Cappu, Latte and KK asked

X and mechanic were a few inches away now.

‘X got locked inside the bathroom; mechanic was trying to get him out. We helped him open the door.’

KK, Latte and Cappuccino stood there with their mouth slightly open. They must have looked very foolish indeed for the guy who broke (read spoiled) the news to them let out an amused chuckle.

The three of them looked on as X and mechanic came face-to-face; smiled at each other; X put a hand around mechanic’s shoulder in a thankful gesture and they walked towards the canteen.

Latte and Cappuccino sank into their seats and Cappuccino asked, ‘then what was that paper? Sheesh…what fools we are!’

KK narrowed her eyes, kept staring at the duo that walked into the canteen and said, ‘I think I know what the paper is…’

One vexed look from Cappu and Latte, and KK was back on her seat thinking-typing-thinking-typing….

- Cappuccino

12 Had a Cuppa:

The Holy Lama said...

Oh! How I wish it was a real fist fight, something to perk and spice up the scene.:(

Latte said...

Hmmm It was so much of an anti-climax! Anyways a marvelous account of the incident! Keep the posts coming..We have kept this blog idle for too long!(Oh! should I be writing next?? Gulp!)

A New Beginning said...


RGB said...

Initially I thought Mr.X actually punched Mr. Mechanic and that I had missed all the action! As I reached the end, I was like..."Thank Heavens the socking din't happen while I was away!" Ha,Ha:))

Anonymous said...

Disappointed, aren't we? He he...Good one!

Cappuccino said...

Holy Lama aka KK
Yes...the excitement was electrifying albeit for a moment...:(

Yes...yes..too much of an's you next! :)

Glad to bring on the lols! :D

But you missed the one-second-long excitement anyway! :D

Disappointed indeed! Thanks for the visit :)

Shrinky said...

Still, it must have been some consolation to see Mr. X losing his dignity some, eh? (Smile)

Insignia said...

Awww...they didnt fight!!! It would have been such a fun it they had!! :-P

Destiny's child... said...

Yes it was...but not as exciting as a man-o-man fist fight would have been ;)

I know...:(
Thanks for the comment:)

Anonymous said...

Not good for office environment. By the way, I clicked that image in a Delhi fair :)

Cappuccino said...

Thanks for your comment :)

Haddock said...

OK so this happens everywhere.