Mannerism: A study

A very serious study has been conducted on mannerism. The results were..erm rather amusing.

Aim: To find out the types of mannerisms in the selected specimens and to notify general public of the existence of such rare species!
Specimen: Espresso, KK, Latte, Cappuccino
Time taken: Hmm
Request: Don’t kill poor Latte, gals!!

  • Her famous jingle: lala lala la...when she wants to say something she simply know... lalalala... eg: “You can go lala lala la on that content’ - Meaning you can take your time on writing the content. (Heard that there is a recent remix version of it..hmmm..)
  • When she is hungry she makes actions of nibbling....always reminds Latte of a rabbit
  • Rolling eyes, straight-lipped smile, the biting-finger-nails action, the running action (ha, classic), the ‘boss’y stare (oooh scary!)- and SO MANY indescribable actions! Phew!


  • Sometimes bursts out laughing making every head turn
  • Likes to do a dance by moving her hands to and fro, sometimes accompanied by appropriate jingles
  • Likes to singgggg!! (Refer another post for a detailed description)
  • Taps her chin with her fingers when in meditation or when she has just heard/ said something that requires thinking
  • Has the habit of saying “Yikes...Such a shame!!” whenever and wherever she thinks appropriate
  • Narrows her eyes and gives a smile when she is in absolute disbelief
  • Likes to add a ‘Tishyavu’ (Or something like that) for effect in a Bruce Lee movie..
  • Likes to say “I am feeling scared” especially when Latte starts cracking un-laughable (Is that a word??) jokes
  • Nods her head vigorously to let people know that she agrees with them completely and wholly
  • Likes to twirl her hair when at the heights of absent-mindedness
  • Sometimes tries to look at people with spectacles at the tip of her nose (Ah curse the specs!)
  • Yea, Ok, likes to be a cry baby!! eeeeeeeheeeee

Observations: Specimen exceeded all expectations. This is Nobel Prize material, people!

6 Had a Cuppa:

RGB said...

A neat analysis of the cuppacopy species. Britannica Encyclopedia may publish ur finding, for all u know. I suggest u copyight this material right away!

A New Beginning said...

Got to know u guys better thru this post:)

Cappuccino said...

I second RGB aka Espresso. Some observation you have girl! Way to go....:)
And yes, this is sure nobel prize material!;)
Loved it!

KK said...

And to think,I thought you were in deep thought when you twirled those pretty tresses.

Anonymous said...

Nice observation :)

Latte said...

Espresso- Maybe!! That would be the day when the crow starts meowing or something!!

Hi A New Beginning:-) there is a lot more to know about us [Wicked laugh]

Cappuccino-Thank u thank u thank u!! Yea, and I am preparing my Nobel prize speech now:-D

KK-Oops, shouldn't have revealed the truth..Hmm truth is sometimes so bitter hmmm

Thank you Expose maximum